Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Trick or Treat

This year Tucker started out wanting to be an army soldier but none of his camo stuff fit or wasn't going to work so since I was going to have to buy new clothes anyway, we went to look at costumes. Ultimately as you can see, he ended up a sheriff. Michael was the robber.

Oops! He caught me!
We always go trick-or-treating at the grandmothers and we started this year at Eileen's
We always give out little treats to everyone...some flowers and a new Halloween towel.

Doreen works at Big Y and they had to dress up...she got creative and was a devil cow. Here she poses with Tucker!

Next it was on to my mother's. Here Tucker has just got to my mom's...
My mother poses with Tucker in all her Halloween finery...
Every year she dumps a whole bag of Tootsie Rolls in his bag!
This year we went trick-or treating with Tucker's friend Andrew. We brought pizzas and Tracy had a whole spread waiting for us! Here Tucker and Andrew enjoy the pizza!
When we were getting ready to go, I spotted Tucker and Andrew lying on the grass...
It took many pictures to just get them all (Andrew's little sister Emily is the cat in the wagon!) semi-looking at me and then Tucker looked away at the last second!
A group shot of everyone dressed up!! Andrew's dad Jason is in the blonde wig and Michael is next to him. Tracy is standing next to the boys and of course, cute Emily is in the wagon!
Trick-or-treating was a lot of fun though it did cool down considerably in the hour or so we were out there!
After they got a ton of candy, we went back to Andrew's to warm up and let the boys work off some of their sugar rush playing Lego Rock Band on Wii!

As usual when we got home, Tucker had to dump the loot on the floor and take inventory...
and sort them!
All in all, it was a lot of fun and I know the kids had a great time which is what it is all about, right?


Mari said...

Looks like a fun time. I love the way he sorted his candy!

Tiffany said...

Looks like fun! Tucker has your eyes--easy to see in the pictures of him in the bandana when you can only see his eyes.

Julie said...

I love sorting candy! Tucker's got some good stuff there!

Julie said...

My word verification was numingu, as in what the dentist might say while giving you a shot before a filling,"numingu"!

Cindy said...

He looks like me, Tiffany, except he has blond hair and hazel eyes. when you look at our baby pictures it's hard to tell who's who, we made a lot of the same faces!