Monday, March 25, 2013


For today...Monday,March 25, 2013

On My Mind...for those of you who don't know,I lost my job two weeks ago. The new administrator has been there for about a year and in that time about 3/4 of the department heads have left either on their own or like in my case they were really reaching to find something.I lost my part-timer about a year ago (she left for a full-time position)  and I had been telling them I was overwhelmed and needed help so rather then get me someone they decided to get rid of me!  So back unto unemployment I go. It will be a struggle but we've made it before and we will make it again. I'm hoping to pick up some per diem home care until I find something....also my thoughts are with a friend of mine whose son is stationed in Afghanistan. The prison where he is stationed  was taken over be the afghans yesterday and she has not heard from him since.

Outside my window...supposed to be spring but still a little chilly for my liking!  they're saying maybe the 50s tomorrow!

What I'm listening to... no audiobooks for me right now! The View is on the TV and I can hear the dishwasher churning away upstairs.

What I'm reading...just finished  44 Charles Street by Danielle Steele and now reading The Autobiography of Mrs.Tom Thumb (fiction).

What I'm Watching... Amazing Race,Survivior,and DWTS.No Idol for me this season;couldn't take Nicki Minaj. 

Coming up this week... baseball practice tonight and Wed, soccer game tomorrow night, no school for Tucker Thursday and Friday, 5th grade car wash, bake sale,and plant sale on Sat (let's hope the weather cooperates!)and Easter at my m-i-l's on Sunday.