Sunday, November 14, 2010

Random Thoughts on a Sunday Evening

-I've really been trying to stick with this NaBloPoMo thing and post everyday but honestly some days I just haven't had the energy to come up with something so I've copped out and used YouTube. I wonder if that counts as a post though since I think the point is to get us all writing on our blogs daily.
-I definitely need to stop worrying about doing things the right way and just do them, already.
-I definitely need to stop worrying.
-I was in Big Y today and laughed out loud when I heard the song "Muskrat Love".
-A cute story but a little lead-in to set the mood: Tucker's friend Andrew came over for a few hours yesterday to play so Tracy and I sat down with Emily (who's 2) to chat and kept her busy with crayons and markers. Tracy and Emily left to do some errands while the boys played some more so I feed them lunch and while they were eating, Andrew asked Tucker "Do you like crayons" "yes" do you like markers" "yes" Andrew thought for a minute and said "so does Emily" then he asked "do you like to draw" to which Tucker responded "yes" Andrew thought a few minutes more and then said "well you and Emily should get married then since you both like crayons, markers, and drawing!" If only finding someone was that easy!!!
-I was recently removed from some one's friend list on facebook. She's on the PTO board and Tucker's friends with her son. There has been some tension (for lack of a better word) among the board between one of the new co-presidents and current treasurer (who is one of my good friends). We were all on Facebook and had communicated through there over the summer but I noticed this week that she no longer comes up on one of the games I play. Heather told me she noticed that she was missing from her friend list also. Trying not get all highschooly over it but it feels like I'm back in high school. I kept one of the moms from PTO on my friend list for two years, couldn't stand the woman, and removed her as soon as both of her kids moved to middle school last year. It does seem rather petty to me and I can't stand the drama over everything. (I'm waaaaaaay oversimplifying the issues here; don't really want to go into it here.)
-I'm probably one of the few people who is actually looking forward to getting a hysterectomy. I see my doctor tomorrow and after having tried Lupron for three months I've not really seen any difference (my back pain was determined to be sciatica from 2 uterine fibroids pressing on the sciatica). Combined with all the other issues I've had since Tucker was born, I am so ready to get this over with. Hopefully tomorrow I can get him to schedule the surgery for the beginning on January. I'll be out of work for six weeks.
-My uncle is still not doing any better. He is getting the chemo treatments but it may be too late to make any real difference.
-Tucker has started indoor soccer and thankfully this year we don't have any practices, just Friday night games which will lighten up our week considerably. They won their first game the other night 4-2 and Tucker did great! He started the game on the front line and came thisclose to scoring a goal. He is such a different player in indoor; he's much more aggressive and really goes after the ball.
-We are getting kittens this month! Felix has been gone since July and Tucker has been asking to get kittens ever since. We've been putting it off because financially it couldn't happen but we've budgeted to get kittens Thanksgiving weekend from the Humane Society. It's a little pricey but when you figure that they will already be neutered and had their first shots and compare that to what it would cost to take them to the vet, it's actually pretty good. we are very excited!!!! :)
-It doesn't sound like anyone's going to bed upstairs and it's 8:45 so I guess I'll go up and be the bad guy! Night!

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Tiffany said...

I'm so jealous that you are getting kittens! I want a kitten so bad but so far my hubby won't budge on his decision of no cats! It's something that I feel we need to both agree on before we do it so I just keep hoping and maybe praying a little too. :0)
The FB thing is definitely petty but I'd say that she sounds like someone you wouldn't want to be friends with anyway.