Sunday, November 30, 2008

Simple Woman's Daybook

For today, Monday, December 1st (again, better late than never this week)

Outside my is dark and somewhat warm. It was actually pretty nice today considering it is Dec 1st and we had snow/sleet/ice/rain yesterday.

I am thinking...I am tired. Got home at midnight last night and didn't fall asleep until almost 2 AM.

I am thankful mom's friend not wanting to go to the UConn game last night so I got to go to an exciting game! Also that Tucker didn't end up with a full-blown cold.

From the kitchen...Finishing up the Thanksgiving leftovers for dinner; Tucker had mac and cheese. Tomorrow we'll have pork chops (and yes, applesauce, just like Peter Brady).

I am creating...still working on Christmas presents. I did some scrapbooking yesterday at my mom's; I'm halfway through August of 2007. I brought all my stuff home to work on; we'll see how far I get with that.

I am pants with a brown shirt.

I am reading...actually read a lot this week. Finished Forever in Blue by Ann Brashares. Read The Life Before Her Eyes (can't think of the author right now) and The Woman Next Door by Barbara Delinsky. I've decided to re-read the Little House books so I've started Little House in the Big Woods and also picked up the next Anne of Green Gables book today. With Tucker, we read Thanksgiving fiction. He really enjoyed There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Pie.

I am hoping...I get a job soon.

I am hearing...Cash Cab on TV, Tucker playing, the dishwasher running, and the fishtanks gurgling.

Around the house...took the Thanksgiving stuff down and slowly bringing out the Christmas stuff...laundry to be folded...the Wii has returned...actually the house is pretty clean.

One of my favorite things...what I call Tucker's "Janice-laugh" when he tells a joke.

A few plans for the rest of the week...a home visit Thurs...working at the Holiday Fair at Tucker's school Tues and Wed...senior center Thurs morning...packing up the Holiday Fair the family room to get ready for the tree...getting the Christmas Tree on Sun.

A picture thought...

Tucker helped me clean on Saturday. He actually likes to scrub the shower and especially loves to scrub the toilet!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Simple Woman's Daybook

For today, Monday November 24, 2008 (Better late than never! I didn't get a chance to do it last night or this morning so here I am at 9 pm!)

Outside my is dark and surprisingly warm. We're expecting rain tonight and tomorrow.

I am thinking...I need to blog more often!

I am thankful for...Tucker doing so well in school, especially in reading! We had Parent-Teacher conferences today and both Tucker's teacher and the Reading teacher are very happy with him.

From the kitchen...Tucker and I had scrambled eggs for lunch (he had a 1/2 day) and I made pizza for lunch. Chicken in the crock pot tomorrow.

I am creating...Tucker and I are making Thanksgiving crafts for the family. (Can't say what because they read this!)

I am wearing...gray sweats, green sweatshirt, and sneakers.

I am reading...finished Anne's House of Dreams. Also read Songs of the Humpback Whale by Jodi Picoult and am halfway through the 4th book of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants books. Michael and Tucker are still working on Revolutionary War on Wednesday; otherwise we're reading Thanksgiving/Indian-themed books.

I am hoping...Brooke wins Dancing with the Stars. (After that Freestyle, she should). Also hoping that Tucker's cold doesn't get worse.

I am hearing...the fish tanks gurgling. Dancing with the Stars on TV.

Around the house...Michael did the last load of laundry before he went to work so other than what we are wearing, everything else is clean...dishes in the sink from today...we love the new printer...the dining room table is covered with our Thanksgiving craft stuff.

One of my favorite things...listening to Tucker read.

A few plans for the rest of the week...setting up the Holiday Fair tomorrow at Tucker's school...Tucker has a 1/2 day tomorrow and then is off the rest of the week...Thanksgiving dinner at my mom's on Thursday (Yum!)...maybe a children's museum Friday to break up the week.

A picture thought...

I found this picture on one of the really cold days in the last week (pick a day, any day!) and thought it looked like a good place to be!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cub Scout Movie Night and Letter to Santa+

Friday night was Family Movie Night at the Oakdale Fire Dept. This consisted of about 25 kids with blankets/sleeping bags/pillows spread out on the floor with popcorn! They got to watch Wall-E and KungFu Panda. Wall-E didn't really make much sense to me but I liked KungFu Panda. What we saw of it anyway. About halfway through, Tucker and his friend Freddie decided they were ready to go (We had brought Freddie because his parents were working). It was actually a lot of fun and I never would have believed how loud a room full of boys could be if I hadn't witnessed it myself! Here's a cute picture of Tucker and Freddie:

We also sent Tucker's letter to Santa this week. We had been talking about what he wanted for Christmas so he wrote the letter. We sent the letter via the Macy's mailbox because for every letter they receive, they are donating a $1 to Make-A-Wish.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Great American Smokeout Day

Every year, smokers across the nation take part in the American Cancer Society’s Great American Smokeout® by smoking less or quitting for the day on the third Thursday of November. The event challenges people to stop using tobacco and raises awareness of the many effective ways to quit for good.

The Smokeout has helped bring about dramatic changes in Americans' attitudes about smoking, which have led to community programs and smoke-free laws that are now saving lives in many states. The event began in the 1970s when smoking and secondhand smoke were commonplace.

In many communities, local volunteers support quitters, publicize the event, and press for laws that control tobacco use and discourage teenagers from starting.

Research shows that smokers are most successful in kicking the habit when they have some means of support, such as nicotine replacement products, counseling, prescription medicine to lessen cravings, guide books, and the encouragement of friends and family members.

Despite that, only about 1 in 7 current smokers reports having tried any of the recommended therapies during his or her last quit attempt. Telephone quitlines are a convenient new resource, available for free in many states.

Each year, the Great American Smokeout also draws attention to the deaths and chronic diseases caused by smoking. And throughout the late 1980s and 1990s, many state and local governments responded by banning smoking in workplaces and restaurants, raising taxes on cigarettes, limiting advertising, discouraging teen cigarette use, and taking further actions to counter smoking.

Today, an estimated 45 million US adults smoke. Tobacco use can cause lung cancer, as well as other cancers, heart disease, and lung disease. Smoking is responsible for 1 in 3 cancer deaths, and 1 in 5 deaths from all causes. Another 8.6 million people are living with serious illnesses caused by smoking.

Fortunately, the past 30 years have seen tremendous strides in changing attitudes about smoking, in understanding the addiction, and in learning how to help people quit.

Call 1-800-ACS-2345 to find a quitline or other science-based support in your area.


This is a subject near and dear to my heart as both my father and grandmother died of lung cancer attributed to cigarette smoking.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Simple Woman's Daybook

For today, Monday November 17, 2008

Outside my is sunny but COLD. It is actually November, folks! and they're saying possible snow showers tomorrow-yikes!

I am thinking...I am not ready for snow.

From the kitchen...I made a pot roast in the crock pot yesterday. Tucker and his friend William made pizzas when William slept over on Saturday. Nothing major planned for the week-probably Tacos, chicken in the crock pot, sloppy joes.

I am thankful for...Tucker's imagination.

I am creating...made a lot of progress on one Christmas present, still more to go!

I am wearing...jeans and a blue and white striped shirt.

I am reading...I gave up on Sweetwater Creek because I realized about a 1/4 of the way in that I had read it before and didn't like it (unusual for Anne Rivers Siddons)...also gave up on Emily Dickinson...realized I had never finished the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series after watching the movie on TV so I read Girls in Pants: The Third Summer. Right now I'm about 1/2 way through Anne's House of Dreams which has been somewhat of a culture shock after Girls in Pants, but I think it may be my favorite. With Tucker, we read books about counting, math concepts (Tucker likes anything with numbers; he counts EVERYTHING), soccer, and recycling and garbage. Michael and Tucker are reading The Magic Treehouse: Revolutionary War on Wednesday.

I am hoping...this week doesn't end up as crazy as last week turned out.

I am hearing...the weatherman talking about possible snow showers tomorrow and temperatures in the 40s; the dryer; the dishwasher; and the fish tanks gurgling.

Around the house...the dishwasher is FINALLY fixed...laundry needs to be folded and more put in the Wii for a little while (William tripped over the wire for the Game Cube controller and it crashed to the floor. Thankfully it's covered under warranty. Michael called today and it will be mailed back by FedEx and we will get a new unit)...finally had enough of this printer and I will get a new one tomorrow. (For what we spend on color and black ink cartridges, we can get a brand-new one with the cartridges!) Plus, no more temper tantrums from this 4 or 5 year old printer!

One of my favorite things...a clean house. (I just spent the morning cleaning!)

A few plans for the rest of the week...Cub Scout pack meeting Wed night...lunch with a friend on Wed...Cub Scout movie night on Fri night at the local fire department...2 home visits at the end of the week...helping with Family Directory for Tucker's school on Thurs...Cub Scout den meeting on Sun...Thanksgiving crafts...working on Christmas presents.

A picture thought...

My mom had two extra tickets to the UConn Women's basketball game yesterday vs. Georgia Tech so Tucker and I were able to go! It was a great game and they gave out this poster (Don't worry, Cassandra, we got you one!) I don't get to go to games as much now that I have Tucker (somehow my flexibility is gone!) so it's always a treat when I can go and a bonus when he can come to! Tucker also got a high-five from Jonathan (the Husky mascot)---I wish I had brought my camera!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Two Interesting Holiday-notes

In someway, I think these two are connected but today is both CLEAN OUT YOUR REFRIGERATOR DAY and AMERICA RECYCLES DAY!


Always celebrated on November 15th.

Use this day to clean out your refrigerator, top to bottom. Everything in your refrigerator was once a fresh, healthy food, ready for your consumption. It may have been a tasty leftover, intended for later enjoyment. Unfortunately, over the course of weeks or more, things get pushed to the back and slowly transform into something impossible to identify.

Who wins the prize for the worst refrigerator surprises? Most often, it's workplace refrigerators.

Common speculation is that this day was created just in advance of Thanksgiving, to make room for holiday leftovers.



This is a day for promoting and educating others about the importance of recycling and buying recycled products. Remember the 3Rs-Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Fun Photo Tag

I saw this on Making the Most of Life's Moments and since I love to save images, (now that I know how to) I wanted to play! The way to play is you put the answer to the statements into Google, search images, and pick a picture.

My Name

(I was going to say this is a picture of me but I didn't think anyone would believe me!)

My age

My first job

(I still describe myself as a "Caldor Girl"-loved this store!)

Pets I have Owned

(I had ducks named after my babysitter's at the time: Sarah and Liz. I also had rabbits, and always had cats. this is what it always looked like when I was growing up; still does! My mom is "down" to only 13!)

My Grandmother's Name (they were both named Mary)

(This is a picture of Mary I. She was the Queen of both England and Ireland. Pretty busy lady, huh? Never heard of her until I did this search!)

Place I'd like to visit

(Ever since seeing "Mamma Mia", I've been obsessed with Greece!)

My favorite color

(That would be red)

My Favorite foods

(Chicken alfredo and strawberry shortcake; I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!)

My best friend's nickname
(Actually she spells it "Jul" but this is the closest I could find!)

Things I have loved>

(Reading and tap dancing)

If you want to play, TAG, you're it!

Stop Me Before I Volunteer Again!

Okay so some of you may know or remember, I had a moment of insanity back in May and ran for VP of Tucker's PTO. Well tonight I topped even that one! I volunteered to be the CHAIRPERSON of our annual Basket Raffle Family Social. Which is only our biggest fundraiser of the year and we need to start sending out letters to get donations from local businesses like, uh, last month. Yikes! I better get started!

This Quote Describes Me!

"I write down everything I want to remember. That way, instead of spending a lot of time trying to remember what it is I wrote down, I spend the time looking for the paper I wrote it down on"
--Beryl Pfizer

Quilt Giveaway on Old Red Barn Co.

Check out these gorgeous quilts! Old Red Barn Co. is having a giveaway! You get one entry for commenting (on her blog), 5 entries for doing a post, and 5 more for adding the little gadget. So I'm up to 11! Go check the quilts out (and her blog, while you're there, it's great; I'm a regular follower!) (Click on the gadget to go there directly!)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Veteran's Day

Veteran's Day gives Americans the opportunity to celebrate the bravery and sacrifice of all U.S. Veterans. Formerly known as Armistice Day, it was originally set as a legal U.S holiday to honor the end of WWI. In 1954, after having been through WWII and the Korean War, Congress changed the name to Veterans Day.

Famous Veterans include: Tony Bennett (Army, WWII); George Steinbrenner (Air Force, served as an aide to the commending general); Alan Alda (Army Reserve, Korean War); Bill Cosby (Navy, Korean War); and Montel Williams (Marines and Navy).


Sunday, November 9, 2008

Simple Woman's Daybook

For today, Sunday November 9 (I'm cheating because I have a home visit tomorrow at 9 AM and a million errands to do before another visit at 1:30 PM)

Outside my is dark. Still trying to get used to this time change! I don't like that it's dark at 4:30!

I am thinking...How can I still be tired when I slept most of yesterday and today, including last night?

I am thankful for...William's mom for taking Tucker last night so I could get some rest!

In the kitchen...chicken and veggies in the crock pot for supper tonight. Michael made brownies today. Tomorrow night Tucker and I will make pizza.

I am creating...made some progress on Christmas presents (still a ways to go!)

I am wearing...gray sweats and a purple shirt

I am reading...I finished Shem Creek and started Sweetwater Creek by Anne Rivers Siddons. I've also joined Book Tag on Shelfari. This month's tag is Poetry and I am trying to muddle through Emily Dickinson. (This is my first month playing. Basically someone randomly picks a tag (i.e, genre/topic) and everyone in the group picks a book from it). I've always wanted to read Emily Dickinson but I have to be honest, I just don't get it. I'm really trying because after all, it is Emily Dickinson! I also picked up a book of Robert Frost's poems that I am enjoying more. With Tucker, we've read books about mummies, the election (both fact and fiction), as well as other assorted books (Tucker's favorites this week were The Coyote who Swallowed a Flea by Jennifer Ward and We're Off to Look for Aliens by Colin McNaughton). We're also starting to read about Indians (it's Native American Heritage Month).

I am hoping...I will get motivated to work on Christmas presents and maybe even exercise! (but let's not push it! LOL) Also that I will start to feel better now that my temp is gone (still congested and coughing). Also that the cleaning fairies will vacuum and maybe wash the floors!

I am hearing..."Curious George" on DVD (before Tucker heads up to take a bath and reading time).

Around the house...laundry is actually caught up...dishwasher still not fixed (hopefully this week)...messy because I've been sick since Thurs. (today's the first day my temp is below 100.)

One of My Favorite Things...warm brownies and vanilla ice cream. Michael made brownies today and I was wishing I had some vanilla ice cream (actually any ice cream would work-we don't have any :( )

A few plans for the rest of the week...2 home visits Mon...letterboxing at Fort Griswold Tues (in honor of Veterans Day)...PTO meeting Wed...hopefully volunteering at Tucker's school library...dinner and shopping with friends on Fri...working on Christmas the house.

A picture thought...
In honor of Veteran's Day on Tuesday, one of the ships from Battleship Cove in MA. (Sorry I can't remember which one this is!)

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Tucker had his last 2 soccer games this morning! (Yes, two. We missed two games in September due to rain. Who would have guessed the weather in November would be better!?) We knew going in that we were undefeated (there has been only 2 points scored against the team all season!). We won the first game 5-0 and the second game 3-0. And the best part was that Tucker scored TWO goals, one in each game, the first all season. He has really come into his own this year in soccer, especially in the last few weeks. Here he is holding his trophy after the game today. (I forgot to bring my camera to the pizza party Thursday night).

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Our New President -Elect

I have avoided the topic of politics on my blog because like Julie of Winchester Academy, I believe it to be a personal choice. However, I would certainly be amiss if I didn't acknowledge the historic event that has taken place in our country. As Martin Luther King said in his historic
"I Have A Dream" speech, "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judges by the color of their skin but by the content of their character". This has truly occurred in this election.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Don't Forget to Vote!

I've been talking to Tucker about the election and who the candidates are. He asked if he could come with me to vote today "I don't know what it's all about" so I will take him with me to vote when he gets out of school this afternoon!

King Tut Day

Here I go again...

King Tut Day is always celebrated November 4th and celebrates the discovery of King Tutankhamen's Tomb.

Over 3,ooo years ago, King Tutankhamen became the King of Egypt at the age of 9. He died at the age of 19. He is commonly called "King Tut". The tomb of Egypt's "child king" was discovered on November 4, 1922. The tomb was discovered nearly intact in Egypt's Valley of Kings.

King Tut's rule lasted a short nine years, from 1333 B.C. to 1324 B.C. The cause of his death is uncertain. Murder and an innocent accident are the two main theories.

Celebrate this day by spending a little time reading Egyptian history books. Learn more about King Tut, along with the culture and times of ancient Egypt.


Monday, November 3, 2008

Trick-or-Treat, Part 2

As promised, here are the pictures of more trick-or-treating! Because our mothers live 45 minutes to an hour from us, we always go there on the Sunday around Halloween. First up are the Jack-o'lanterns Tucker and I painted (I got the idea from

Tucker painted the everything but the faces (even inside the pots!) We think they're pretty cute!

Tucker posed with Gra Tucker, Gra Doyle, and Cassandra (Aunt Doreen was working) and their treats. (I think Tucker should have been wearing the crab shirt!)

Simple Woman's Daybook

For today...Monday, November 3, 2008

Outside my window...the sun has come up and it COLD, just below freezing! Welcome, November! (not really!)

I am usual, that it is cold down here! (Thankfully not as cold as outside though!) Also that I need to find a job soon!

I am thankful for...again, have to go with Tucker's endless imagination and curiosity

From the kitchen...yesterday I made a YUMMY Cheesy Meatball Soup in the crock pot that Michael was initially a little leery of but after three bowls, said "that was really good!" Will definitely make that again! Tonight we will probably have pizza since we skipped pizza night on Friday because of Halloween.

I am creating...I managed to scrapbook July 2007 (yes you read that right!) while at my my mom's last Tuesday. We need to book some more scrapbook days. Tucker and I made some small Jack-0'lanterns for my mom, m-i-l-, s-i-l, and niece. (I will post pictures in Trick or Treat, Part Two hopefully later today).

I am nightgown (I woke up early and came down to catch up on some stuff while everyone sleeps)

I am reading...I finished The Summer I Dared (awesome book, by the way!) and just started Shem Creek by Dorothea Benton Frank. (I did get Anne and her House of Dreams out of the library but cannot find it! I need to search the car again!) With Tucker, we read books about motorcylces (non-fiction), the Navy (it was Navy Day the 27th), the Statue of Liberty
(it was her day on the 28th), and various fun books on Halloween to get us in the mood! He has also made amazing improvement with reading--he's doing so much better sounding out words and there are fewer meltdowns! This is good for all of us!

I am hearing...Michael making pancakes (smells yummy) and Tucker running back and forth! Also, the dryer and fish tanks.

Around the house...dishes need to be done (still haven't fixed the dishwasher so now I am the dish washer!)...laundry in the dryer...clothes need to be put in the washer...need to organize the recycling/papers for tomorrow pick-up...Halloween decorations down and what-little Thanksgiving decorations we have, are up. (Did you ever notice that it's hard to find Thanksgiving decorations, with the Christmas stuff already up since August?!)

One of my favorite things...watching my "Golden Girls" DVD (Which I got to do Saturday night while Tucker was at his friend William's)

A few plans for the rest of the week...a character education meeting at school this afternoon... home visits Tues and Thurs...senior center Thurs soccer practice because of the time change, 2 make-up games on party for Tucker's soccer team on Thurs instead of practice...working on Christmas presents (it will be here before we know it!)

A picture thought...

I saw on someone's blog this week (sorry, can't remember who!) memories of past Halloweens. This is a picture of Tucker from Halloween 2003, he was 18 mos. old! So adorable if I do say so myself!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Did you Remember to Change your Clocks?

Did you know?
-Daylight Saving Time was first suggested by Benjamin Franklin in 1784.
-It wasn't until World War I, in 1916, that it was adopted by several countries.
-A new law extended DST to the 1st Sunday in November in 2007 with the purpose of providing trick-or-treaters more light and therefore more safety from traffic accidents. (Previously children's pedestrian deaths were four times higher on Halloween than any other night of the year).
-Some Amish communities observe DST while others do not. In one county of Ohio approximately 10 of the 90 Amish church districts opt out of DST.
-Arizona does not observe DST but the Navajo Nation (parts of which are in 3 states) does. However, the Hopi Reservation which is entirely surrounded by the Navajo Nation) does not. In effect, there is a donut-shaped area of Arizona that does observe DST but the "hole" n the center does not.
-To make it easier to remember which way the clock goes, keep in mind "spring forward, fall back".

A little history lesson courtesy of

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Cub Scout Halloween Party, Halloween Art, Pumpkin Carving, and Trick or Treat, Part one

Last Friday we went to Tucker's Cub Scout Halloween party! It was a lot of fun! Tucker is an army soldier this year; here is a picture of Michael adding the camo makeup. (On the way home, Tucker told us he was never wearing make-up again and as he was washing it off, he said "how do girls wear this stuff! It's disgusting!")

There were all kinds of activities for them including tattoos, signing holiday cards for the troops, guessing games (more on that later), and a wooden board with a maze that you had to turn the board to get a pingball through. Tucker really liked this and spent a lot of time doing this with his friend Colby (my friend Heather's son; he's in 2nd grade. He plays with him and his sister Kayleigh after achool every day). Here are some pictures of them playing (Colby is in the black monster costume)

As for the guessing games that I alluded to, they had a table where you could guess how many were in the jars. Tucker ended up winning the jar of gummy worms (he guessed sixty; there were 57). He also won the pumpkin by guessing the closest weight! (He guessed 15 lbs; it weighed 14 lbs!) Here he is showing off his prizes:

Tucker also did some coloring this week

We spent the week carving our FIVE pumpkins (my mom's neighbor Bill gave us three, I bought one, and Tucker won the fifth). Michael and Tucker pretty much did all the work but I did do one

The finished products

We did a lot of trick or treating last night!!! We headed to the mall where we have always taken Tucker. You have to get there early or the stores run out of candy!

After filling his pumpkin, we headed over to his friend Freddie's house (with another pumpkin!) to take on his neighborhood! And boy, did we! It's one of those neighborhoods where you buy 15 bags of candy and run out in an hour and have to turn off your light! Here are Tucker and Freddie posing in the driveway and then trick or treating (yes that is Michael up there with them!)

(Okay so they're reversed and I don't have the energy to switch them!)

I also wanted to show a close-up picture of Tucker. Yes it does say "Tucker" on his jacket! We found it in my dad's things from when he was in the army and we usually have it hanging on the wall in his room. I safety-pinned it to his jacket; he was so proud of it!

He thinks it's very cool that Bubba used to drive trucks when he was in the the Army in France!