Friday, August 26, 2011

Vacation-Days 5 : Aquarium

The last time we went to Mystic Aquarium, we took a picture of me and Tucker in front of this same statue and he was still in a stroller! So we were long over- do for a visit!

This outside area starts with the belugas (we couldn't see any, they stayed under the water and sea lions.

Then we headed to one of my favorite area-the African penguins! Yes you read that correctly!

They were all out sunning themselves as they had just been fed so their tummies were full and they were happy!

After the penguins, you follow a wooden walkway through a marsh type area into the aquarium. We found many frogs and also this cool looking turtle:

We then headed into the actual aquarium-it wasn't really crowded so we got to really check everything out! They have special exhibits and this one featured many different kinds of jelly fish-I don't think I realized how many different kinds and colors they are! I loved the color of this one and it really is this big-I didn't zoom in! there were also some that were smaller than an 1 inch-incredible!

There's something about sting rays that I find soothing and peaceful...I know they can be dangerous and Steve Irwin died after being stung and all but they just float so easily and smoothly...

We also watched the seal show and it's amazing all the tricks they know how to do!

We headed outside then to check out the remote controlled boats (next picture). This is one of the vehicles used by Robert Ballard (the man who "found" the Titanic) to explore the ocean. Inside the building is all kinds of displays of items and discoveries found in the ocean. There was also a cool presentation where you could actually talk to scientists who were in the Indian Ocean!

We had a great time and hope to go back again soon!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Vacation-Days 3 and 4: Bowling, Splashpad, and Speedbowl

We started our day off by heading to a pizza place and then we were going to go to aquarium. Unfortunately, as you can see above, we had a change of plans. As we were pulling onto the highway, we were sideswiped by a tractor trailer who probably didn't even realize he hit him. We are feeling very thankful that we are all okay!

We ended up going bowling instead and had pizza there at the bowling alley.

Here Michael shows off his technique....

Michael won the first game...

Tucker and I enjoy the pizza...
I won the second game! woohoo!
Tucker shows off his technique...

That was all we had time for on Tuesday because Tucker had soccer practice!

On Wednesday, we headed to the nearby dinosaur splashpad and brought tucker's friend William...

they played in the water...

walking to the maze and trails...(there's something about this picture that I love!)

they played on the playground...

they hiked the dinosaur trails and posed with the dinosaurs...

There's a volcano there that erupts every's pretty cool!

We had ice cream to end our fun there-they have really good ice cream there!

Wednesday night we went to the local Speedway for their Wild and Wacky Wednesday. We met Tucker's friend Andrew and his parents there. Trust me, Tucker is having fun!

Happy Birthday, Michael!

Today is Michael's 43rd birthday! (my favorite time of the year-when he's 2 years older than me until my birthday in January! I like to call him much older than me!)

We went out to lunch on Sunday so we had oce cream cake after soccer practice tonight!

Tucker got him a Robinson Cano shirt!

Happy birthday, sweetie!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Lunch and a Baseball Game

We had a fun family day planned yesterday! We headed to Red Robin to celebrate Michael's birthday (a couple of days early-his birthday is actually tomorrow). He had never eaten there and I knew he would love and he did!

This was my lunch-so huge and so delicious!!!!

Next we were off to see the New Britain Rock cats, the Double AA affiliate for the Minnesota Twins. We were supposed to go back in June with the Little League but it got rained out.

Tucker and Michael show off the program

the mascots arrived by bus...
Tucker got a "claw" and we had a good time with it!

the players take the field

we were under a severe thunderstorm watch and the clouds came in along with the thunder and the rain. The game never stopped and the place cleared out so we had the section to ourselves!

We also checked out the "fan zone" where they had a bouncy obstacle course and baseball game to play!

The Rock cats ended up winning 8-4! It was a great day and despite it being an hour away, I think we may go back there next year for a few games despite having a local affiliate 20 mins away! It was a really nice stadium and we had a blast!