Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I survived!!!

...the NaBloPoMo!

I actually posted everyday in November and while some of the posts weren't exactly the most inspirational, I can say that I did it. I did actually learn something too...that it's okay not to have something "important" to say everyday and that I should and could make more of an effort to post more often. I did like doing the random thought entries.

And with that as a lead-in, here are some random thoughts on a Tuesday evening...
-Fiona seems to be adjusting more to us and I can even reach in and take her out from under the book shelf now, though she does still hiss. We've been letting the kitten out of the room for a few hours when we're home at night and he seems to be having a good time. Of course I don;t think I've ever known a kitten who didn't seem to be having a good time!!
-I finished Safe Haven today and was really surprised by the end. I still think it's my favorite of his books! I started listening to The Giver by Lois Lowry on the way home and I like it so far. It reminds me of The City of Ember (or should I say that City of Ember reminds me of The Giver since The Giver was written first? Sort of like when people tell my mom she looks like me when I really look like her. (you know, because she's my mom?!) But I digress.....)
-I'm not sure if you're supposed to put parentheses inside of other parentheses like I just did but oh well, I did it!
-I'm trying to get into the Christmas spirit but I'm just not quite there yet. I think this weekend I'll at least take down the Thanksgiving decorations and put up some decorations outside. I think Michael might put up the lights over the weekend.
-I still haven't quite mastered the new camera and putting pictures on the computer thing and I am too tired to wrestle with it tonight. I have been taking my daily picture for Monkeyboy311 and will post them all when I feel like I have the energy to deal with it!
-Work has been really busy and crazy lately and for a Tuesday it feels like it should be Friday, or maybe that's wishful thinking? Is it bad that I'm looking forward to my colonoscopy on Thursday so I'll have a day off? Though I may end up going in Sunday for a few hours.
-I think that's about it for me before I fall asleep sitting here at the computer!


Tiffany said...

I loved you posting every day, I hope you will continue to post a lot. I think that when you put parentheses in parentheses you are supposed to use brackets for the outermost--at least that's what you do in Algebra.
I loved Safe Haven as well--awesome book!

Julie said...

I loved Safe Haven and The Giver is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE books! I read it before City of Ember and did think City of Ember was a little like The Giver. The Giver is definitely better. I often put () inside () and sometimes I do this {} and sometimes [], I also do a lot of ... and --

My verification word is "relanaxe" kind of like relax but not, sort of like what you'll be able to do on Thursday, relax but not.

Julie said...

PS Praying all goes well on Thursday!

Cindy said...

Ah thanks Tiffany, now I understand why I wasn't sure...algebra is/was not my thing!!