Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Thoughts on Thanksgiving Eve

-How is it even possible that tomorrow is Thanksgiving? My mom is cooking and we'll be heading there after we watch the Macy's parade.
-I'm thinking we may go see the parade is person one of these years. I know it's really crazy and usually cold there but it's one of those things we want to try.
-One of my friends volunteers at the Soup Kitchen with her four kids every Thanksgiving and I think that's something else we'd like to do. She started doing it 2 years ago to show the kids that all is not rosy with the world and it turns out they really enjoy it. Her kids are now 11, 9,9, and 8 and they look forward to it now (the 11 yo and 1 of the 9 yo are "hers" and the other two are adopted)
Apparently the 11 yo is quite a flute player and plays his flute there.
-I changed the title of the post from 'random' to 'thanksgiving' because I seem to have a theme going here.
-I think that should cover me for my daily post.

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Julie said...

We've talked about doing the soup kitchen thing for years and years, and finally this year we did something. Our church partnered with another local church offering free meals to the community. Mike and the kids and I delivered 41 meals this morning. It was a great experience, we'll definitely do it again.