Monday, November 8, 2010


For today...Monday, November 7, 2010

On My Mind
...I attended the funeral of the mother of my friend Joan over the weekend. She was 95 years old and by all accounts, an amazing woman. It was a beautiful service and I am honored to have been part of it.

Outside my window is COLD!!! We woke up to an inch of snow! Actually to be more correct, the thunder and lightning woke me up at 5:30 AM instead of my alarm. It was sleet and hail on the way to work!

What We're Reading
...I'm halfway through The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and while I'm enjoying it, I'm still not sure what the fuss was/is all about...with Tucker, we finished Diary of A Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw and will finish Pirates past Noon (Magic Treehouse)tonight.

What We're Listening to...I finished The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (it was only 3 hours long) and found myself really enjoying it! I'm now listening to Water for Elephants which I have been wanting to read for awhile.

What We're's getting serious on DWTS now! I'm so glad Jennifer stepped up her game, so to speak, and is still in it! It's time for Bristol and Kurt to move along now...Big Bang Theory always makes me laugh...getting back into CSI...Still liking Cake Boss, Undercover Boss, and now liking What Would You Do? and Hoarders.

I am hoping...that my Uncle Ted continues to tolerate chemo.

In the kitchen...pot roast last night, chicken pot pie tonight, ham steaks, not sure what else.

Around the house...laundry waiting to be folded...actually pretty neat.

Coming Up this Week...PTO meeting tomorrow night...Michael's taking Tucker and his friend William to KidCity on Thursday (they're off for Veterans Day)...not sure what else.

No Picture Thought this week


Julie said...

Haven't watched tonights DWTS yet, but I agree, I really love Jennifer! The past two weeks the right person has not gone home.

Tiffany said...

Water for Elephants is one of my all time favorite books!