Sunday, November 28, 2010

A busy weekend...

Okay so for some reason, Blogger is not letting me add pictures! So I guess I'll settle for telling you about our weekend and then post the pictures another time! which is really annoying because I think I finally figured out how to transfer and load the pictures to the blog with the new camera!

On Saturday Tucker and I met my friend Dawn and her son Caleb at a children's museum for some fun for the boys and a brief opportunity to catch up on what's been happening with each other! the boys had a good time and enjoyed the new exhibits. From there we went to Shady Glen for cheeseburgers and milkshakes ( a must if your in the area, as every local can attest to!)

Today we were busy---we started out by heading to the tree farm to tag our tree. Next we headed to the local Humane Society to check out kittens. They've had some 8 week old ones on their website for awhile but they weren't on there this morning and come to find out, they had been given to a local pet store and we could adopt them from there. We did look around at the cats they had and I wanted to take them all home!!! We got to the pet store just as some guy was signing the paperwork for 2 out of 3 of the kittens so we checked out the last one and their next youngest, who is 5 mos old. We played with them for awhile and decided to take them. The 8 week old is a boy, all black, and we have named him Shrek. The 5 mo old is a female, black with a white nose, chest, and feet, and we have named her Fiona. She's pretty nervous and scared but I think she'll be a great cat once she gets used to us. Shrek is hilarious and makes us laugh with all his kitten antics!! Tucker is completely and totally beyond excited!!!!

I will try to get the pictures up soon!


Mari said...

I'm excited for you! We love our cat and I know Tucker will really enjoy this. Can't wait to see pictures!
PS - I like the holiday look here!

Tiffany said...

I'm so glad you are blogging everyday...the bloggy world has been quiet this weekend.
So jealous of your new kittens, how fun!!

Jenners said...

Aww...what cute names ... and lucky little kittens to find a nice home.

And your problems with Blogger make me glad I moved to Wordpress!

Julie said...

Congratulations on the new kittens!