Thursday, September 11, 2008

Open House and Assorted Pictures

Tonight was Open House at Tucker's school. I was in charge of refreshments so I ran around this afternoon and got cheese cubes, crackers, veggies, dip, water, and paper products. Heather, one of the co-presidents of the PTO, helped me put the platters together. She has two kids, Colby who is in 2nd grade and Kaylee (not sure how she spells it but that's how it sounds) who is in preschool. The kids were really good, the boys did their homework, and then they drew pictures. It took us about an hour and a half to put all the food on platters and then I had just enough time to go through the drive-thru at McDonald's down the street and get back for 5:15 to set it all up on the tables. The Open House started at 5:30 with refreshments. Then we went to the gym for a welcome speech from the principal and vice-principal and Sharon, the other co-president, said a few words. Then we went to Tucker's classroom and Michael met his teacher (I had met her on the first day of school). She had made-up a scavenger hunt of sorts with nursery rhymes so that the kids could show us around the room. She's really nice and is excited to have a left-handed student (Tucker's the only one in the class) because she is also left-handed. We're excited too because she can work with him on holding the pencil correctly which she did say she planned on doing. Just to make you all feel old, they don't have chalkboards in the rooms anymore; they have dry-erase boards and all the students have their own small ones. Tucker then showed us the Reading Lab -it's a new program for the kids who need some extra help. They have some extra assignments to do at night with an incentive program. Tucker is really excited about it! We also got to see the new art room (which used to be the office). Tucker then went home with Michael while Heather and I cleaned up. There was also info regarding Cub Scout sign-up which we would like to have Tucker get involved with. Michael was active when he was little and I was in Girl Scouts until the 8th grade. There are actually 3 different packs in Montville. We're going to sign him up for Colby's pack (Heather's son) since he had such a good time with him today and that way he'll know someone.

I've also included some assorted pictures. I've been having trouble transferring them to the computer the past few days, so bear with me, there are a few!

These are the paintings Tucker and I did last weekend of a neighborhood. Mine is first and you'll note his has hearts above the house.

We are really proud of our Shrek Chia. we got this last summer (or whenever Shrek 3 came out). We didn't do so good with it the first time around but Michael has been helping Tucker with it this time and we are also leaving it outside on the deck in the sun so it's growing really well! (the last time we just had it on the windowsill in the family room which doesn't get a lot of sun) We do bring it in when it rains and/or there is wind!

This last group of pictures is from last night when Tucker and I made pizza. (We moved pizza night to Wednesday night because I'm going out with my former co-workers tomorrow night). I forgot to take a picture before I put it in the oven but I did take a picture of it when it was done!

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crispy said...

Your pizza looks great. I love when there are pictures so we can oohh and aahh at it. =)