Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Labor Day (Also Letterboxing and A Night at the Demolition Derby

Yesterday we went for a 2 hr hike in one of the conservancies here in town (we actually have quite a few). This one is called Milo Light and it's over on the Salem-side of town. Maybe I just don't know how to estimate a mile walking (entirely possible) but it seemed a LOT longer than a mile to get to where the clues started.
Tucker found the first of three in a stone wall:
The other two were on our way out. I found the second one hidden in the wall of an old foundation (hard to imagine a farm here now). According to the clues, it's from the 1870s. Michael found the last under a fallen log. Note to self for future letterboxing: bring water and bug spray. It was a lot further than we had planned on and we got eaten up by bugs!!!

Last night we went to the Waterford Speedbowl for what was supposed to be the Annual School Bus Demo. But they couldn't find any buses. We first heard about this from my friend Tracy (Andrew's mom) and they were going to go with us until we found out it was at 7 pm instead of the afternoon. With Emily being only 5 months old, they decided to pass. We had gotten passes from Budweiser so our Niece Cassandra and her boyfriend Eric came with us. It was actually a lot of fun! They had a burnout contest, a tire relay (where they push a tractor tire around the track), a boat race (they push the boats around the track, and also a sliding race where they put snowmobile skis on the back of the cars. They ended with a demolition derby. Here are some pictures in no particular order

Today we headed out to Bluff Point in Groton which is usually absolutely gorgeous and today was no exception! There were a lot of people there at the picnic tables, enjoying the day. We were going to try to find three letterboxes. The first we needed a compass for (we still haven't gotten one and try to weed out the clues that require one; this particular clue didn't mention a compass until the the second to last line and we couldn't figure out which way 21 degrees to our left was!). The second we found (a really cool parrot) and on the way to the third, Tucker tripped and skinned his knee so that was the end of that! We'll go back again but in the meantime, we did get to enjoy a nice day out by the water!

Tomorrow is the first day of school (I can't believe Tucker's going into 1st grade!) and then we're taking him to Chucky cheese for a special dinner (I try to only go there for "special" things).

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Julie said...

What a fun weekend. I'll be thinking about Tucker on his first day of first grade!