Sunday, September 14, 2008

First Soccer Game, A Visit with Friends, and the Connecticut Sun

We had a very busy day yesterday! We started out at Tucker's first soccer game of the year...finally! We are very happy with how soccer is going so far. He has an AWESOME coach/assistant coach team and they are amazing with the kids. Of the 11 kids on the team, 7 have played together for 4-5 years, mostly with this coach as he moved up as his kids did. He does still have one in the Munchkins (age 4-5) but I'm not sure if he coaches a team. Anyway, I took a bunch of really great pictures but you'll have to take my word on that...for some reason, my camera and the computer are not getting along. I may have lost the pictures completely, I think, which I guess is not a big deal because I can take pictures again next week! Anyway, the kids had a really great time and that's really what it's all about! We actually played against his coach from last year (who has moved up with his son, Haydyn. Wait until you see the uniform color--it's like dayglo yellow! You definitely need sunglasses!

After soccer we headed to meet Julie and Mike, up from FL for Mike's 20th class reunion. Julie and I have been friends FOREVER and it was so nice to see her for even a couple of hours. We met at her brother Rob's new apartment in East Hampton and Tucker had a good time playing with his sons, Zachary and John. When Jul and I were in high school, Rob was like a younger brother to me so it's strange to think he has a son a year older than mine! (Rob's 4 years younger than me and Jul which isn't a big deal now but when we were graduating high school and he was graduating eighth grade, it seemed like a bigger difference!) Jul's aunt Dot, uncle Paul, and cousin Ally also came to visit so it was fun to catch up with them too. (Ally's a nurse and actually took care of my dad when he was having chemo 4 years ago). It was nice of Kim and Rob to let us come to their place to meet up (when I said "new", I meant really new; they spent their first night there the night before!) As expected, the time went by much too fast and it was soon time for them to head back to Trumbull. We are seriously hoping to go see them next summer (depending on my job situation and finances).

From there, we headed to Norwich to meet one of my former co-workers Melinda at her house. We were going to a Connecticut Sun game! (For those who may not know, they're a professional women's basketball team). The wife of one of our patients is the oldest member of the seniors dance troupe that dances during the time-outs. She's 82 and let me tell you she was doing some serious moving to Material Girl down there with her red boa! She's a riot!!! I wish I had that kind of energy now; never mind at 82! Melinda treated us to the tickets which I TOTALLY did not expect her to do but was so nice of her :) The game was really good and Tucker had a good time yelling "Go, Huskies!". My mother has been training him and he thinks that any basketball game is a Husky game. (Although now a lot of the Sun players are former Huskies). The Sun ended up winning- their first win after a 3 game losing streak! (don't be too impressed-I read that in the paper this morning!)

Today (Sunday) we didn't do much...the usual grocery run and laundry. We were hoping the rain would clear up so we could go letter boxing and/or to the Family Fun Day at one of the parks. But it never did quite clear up and it was also really humid. I did get some needlework done (no excuse now not to get the Christmas presents done!) and Tucker and I decorated the house for fall and Halloween.

Hopefully I'll get the pictures up soon. The only one I'm really concerned about losing is the one of me and Jul. But she can always email a copy (right, Jul?!)

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Julie said...

I hope you "find" your pictures! I'll email you the one we took, but was hoping to get from you the ones where Tucker jumped in!