Friday, September 5, 2008

Details, Details, Details

I feel like that all I did today was manage "details" so it seemed like an appropriate title! I completed filing for unemployment which like everything else to with the state (think DMV or even the post office, though that's federal) is never easy. I tried twice yesterday, once by phone (after 15 minutes of pushing numbers, I was told "no customer service representatives are available at this time. Please call back at another time. Goodbye"). When I tried to apply on-line, it was a little faster to complete but then there was a message that the website was having technical difficulties. So this morning I went down there in person and was told that they cannot accept the claim in person, the best way to do it is by phone. so after going to the library and the chiropractor, I came home and tried calling again. This time I was told the wait was 33 minutes. I should have stayed on the line but I didn't. Tried on-line again with same message as before. Tried calling again and the wait was now 44 minutes. This time I did wait and after about 40 minutes, I got to speak to someone. It took about 10 minutes to answer all her questions and the final result is that it won't be perfect but it could almost be manageable (especially considering I won't be spending $120/WEEK on gas or $80/week on daycare). Again not that this is the perfect situation but it could end up with me finding something better. It also gives me some time to take a break and re-evaluate things and maybe figure out what I really want to do, what will be best at this point in time.

Other details I dealt with today (gotta stick to the "theme"):
-I tried to print out my resume (planned to take it to the library to make copies rather than using my ink). Well I had already used my ink! So off I went to Target to get the ink. thankfully it was on sale this week.
-Cleaning up the yard (battening(sp?) down the hatches, as it were) in preparation for Tropical Storm Hanna which is supposed to bring 3-5 inches of rain and 30-50 mph wind which is a pretty big deal for us Northerners!
-Tucker kept track of some details of his own. Inspired by Crispy of Peter's Peapod fame, I have begun making pizza on Fridays. Not with the milled wheat like she does but with flour and yeast, nonetheless. It's actually not as hard as I thought it would be. Anyway, back to Tucker's details, he was anxious for the dough to finish rising so he could help "punch it down" so while I took a quick shower (cleaning off the deck and putting everything under the deck is hard work), he counted down the seconds watching the clock on the microwave from 15 minutes all the way down to zero (he let me know it was on 7 minutes when I got out of the shower). He really loves numbers and counting and it did keep him busy for 15 minutes!

Tomorrow is supposed to be Tucker's first soccer game. (I haven't mentioned yet that he started soccer in mid-August with 2 practices a week. Now that school has started it's once a week) He's moved up to the next age-group and those games are usually played in the rain as long as it doesn't put the kids in danger. They're supposed to make a decision by 7:30AM tomorrow (the little kids start at 8:30AM and Tucker's age group starts at 9AM; his game is supposed to be at 12noon).

I do want to blog about soccer so I'll wait until I have some pictures from the first game (it may be next week, though!)

I'll let you know how we make out with Hanna!


crispy said...

How fun that I have inspired you to make homemade pizza. I have to admit, we brought some home last night from Pizza Hut. Something I haven't done in months. We didn't head to town until late afternoon and I knew that I wouldn't have time to get the pizza made by dinner time.

Hope it turned out great!!! Any pictures of it?

Julie said...

I think it is so neat that blogging has connected you with a lot of my friends down here! Maybe Tropical Storm Hanna was practice for you so you can move down here!!

What a pain about the unemplyment office. I can't stand all of that stuff, we recently spent some time in the Social Security office (YUCK!) getting our new cards, mine is no longer hyphenated, so we can eventually receive the economic stimulus check that we missed out on because SS and the IRS had my name different.

cindy said...

I do have to deal with the SS office, too. My pocketbook was stolen at Target way back when Tucker was really little. I obviously replaced my driver's license but still haven't replaced my SS card. guess I'll have time to do it now! I also need to replace Tucker's! Guess what I won't keep in my wallet once I get the new ones?!