Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Assorted Thoughts

Nothing really specific today, just some random thoughts...

-I had to go to the dentist yesterday and wondered what is about the dentist that so many people don't like (myself, included). It's not anything personal against the dentist, I like her well enough. Michael and I actually both go to her and have followed her to her new office (for locals, from Hebron to Willimantic; for non-locals, maybe an extra 10 minute ride depending on which way you go.) She's about our age and her oldest son is a year older than Tucker so we always have stories to share. (well, she shares, I sort-of go "uh-huh" real muffled-like). And as nice as this all is, I still find myself gripping the arms of the chair with white-knuckles, to the point of realizing my hands are numb and need to release my grip. I don't know how long it will be before I go back so hopefully she did what she needed to do!

-Have you ever had a conversation with your child, had no ides what you were talking about, but all seemed to be resolved, and he/she walked away happy and content and you had no idea what just happened. I know....probably all the time but I just had to share this from the other night. Tucker comes into the kitchen after brushing his teeth before bed (without being asked/told a MILLION times; I was so proud!) and says "I flushed it down the toilet". Me: Good job! (we've been working on flushing the poop down the toilet after he's done, is that TMI?) Tucker: it looked really cool, blue and white, while it went down!" Okay so maybe he's not talking about poop "what exactly did you flush down the toilet?" He says"you know the thing on the side of the sink that you push" Me: "Uh, not really..." He says "yes, you do! it's blue and white and foams. Well, it looks really cool going the toilet!" And he walked away leaving me just shaking my head. By the way, I think he was talking about the SpongeBob hand cleaner foam.

-I just finished another fabulous book by Jodi Picoult: Keeping Faith. If you haven't read it yet, you definitely need too. I'm not an overly religious person, I do believe in God and I pray. This book makes you really think about faith and hope and what it means to you.

-I spoke the other day with the Speech Pathologist at Tucker's school. I sent a note to his teacher that I wanted to have him screened. I was really impressed that she called me on Monday. I explained my concerns, basically that he doesn't say the first syllable of multi-syllable words, reading is frustrating for him, and he doesn't always get the first letter of a word correct (if you ask him what a word is, he may say "map" and sound out the "mmmm" and then say "K"). She had met with him and felt he does really well speaking but didn't try him with multi-syllable words. We talked about how the school will be trying a number of different strategies to help the children. They actually have begun a new reading program called "Imagine it" with the K-2 students. Tucker will be starting the Reading Lab next week to get some extra help. She will also be sending home some things for us to do with him. I am trying not to push him but I love reading so much and I just want him to enjoy it also.

-Tucker has been trying to figure out what to be for Halloween. Last night we went to the Halloween store at the mall. Is it me or is everything violent. Oh sure, the costumes for the babies are cute but as soon as you move into the boys section, every one is warrior or just scary! I just worry about the message it sends the kids. The whole store was like that, the main displays were scary with blood and gore (Jason with a chainsaw, Hector Lector form "silence of the Lambs" and a lady holding her head). By the way, he decided to continue with the Star Wars theme (last year he was Darth Vader) and this year he wants to be a Storm Trooper.

-I got a call today from Melinda, one of my former co-wrokers, one of the nurses. They want to take me out to dinner on Friday. I do miss my co-workers and have talked to many of them and will stay in touch but it's not the same as working with them every day. I'm very appreciative of their support through all this.


Julie said...

I'll have to look for that book. I was on such a roll with reading this summer and I've been in a drought.

ann marie said...

I have lots of conversation's like that...never know what my son is truly talking about. It reminds me of when I'm in the car driving and I finally get to my destination and then wonder "how did I get here." No recollection.
I hate Halloween. I know it's fun and they get candy but everything is violent. But don't feel too bad about the boy stuf. I have girls and last year I felt like the costumes were rather hookerish. I threw a fit in Target and actually caused a little scene. My girls were very mad at me.