Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day of School

Today was Tucker's first day of school...we went to Angela's to walk over with everyone from daycare. Tucker met his teacher and knew two classmates, one from his class last year and the other from his t-ball team. Here he poses with me and Michael and by himself (I couldn't get him to keep his eyes open; he thought he was being funny!!)

The parents got to come back at 9:45 for a welcoming speech from the principal plus some info re: the new reading program. Then we got to go do an activity with the kids in their classroom. We talked about our summer vacations and the kids drew a picture of what they did this summer and then had to present it to the class. It was actually really fun to see his classroom and meet the two girls at his table. He was really nervous about lunch so I'll let you know how that went! Tonight we're off to Chucky Cheese's to celebrate the 1st day of school.