Monday, September 22, 2008

A Fun Weekend

I had a very busy, very fun weekend with my mom! She had booked us on a bus trip to the Bourne Scallop Festival in Cape Cod. I stayed over her house Friday night and we left at 5:30pm Saturday morning. We arrived in Bourne at 8:30am only to found that our tour guide messed up and we were supposed to be in Hyannis to take a train to Bourne. By the time she realized it, the bus was already headed to Hyannis and we had to wait 2 hours for the train to come to Bourne. (Yes it is as confusing as it sounds). We had breakfast at a small restaurant which probably couldn't believe how many people were coming for breakfast! After a yummy breakfast and lots of laughs, we headed over to wander around the craft festival and actually found a picture frame carved out of wood with the name Tucker. Apparently, the name is pretty popular in MA because the guy said he gets a lot of requests for it! So then we boarded the train and went to Hyannis. I do need to mention the really cool bridge that is part of this railroad. It crosses over the Cape Cod Canal and the track actually lifts 135 feet in the air to allow boats through. It stays up unless there is a train coming. When we got to Hyannis, we took the bus back to Bourne where we had started. We had enough time to enjoy the Scallop Festival (apparently quite a big deal). I don't eat scallops but had chicken which was YUMMY! After enjoying our meal, we headed to take a boat cruise down the canal. it was a 90 minute cruise and it was the perfect day for it! After the boat cruise, we headed to the Christmas Tree Shop which is always fun! Then we headed home; we got home around 8:30pm! I stayed over my mom's Saturday night and I tried to catch up on my scrapbooking on Sunday(I did manage to finished June of last year!)

In case you're wondering, Tucker went to my mother-in-law's. Michael works 12-9 on Saturdays and Tucker's soccer game was at 11. Eileen and Cassandra (my m-i-l and niece) came to the game and took him home from there. Michael went to get him Sunday and they introduced Eileen to the fine art of Letterboxing (there are quite a few near in her house!)


Julie said...

Somehow I missed commenting on this one. Sounds like a fun weekend. It's been up there for a few days though, so it is time for another. I think you mother might have been in my dream last night.

Julie said...

I mean YOUR mother.