Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day of School, Part 2

I wanted to add Tucker's impressions of his first day:
"it was a long day"
"there were instructions for everything"
"I had fun finding the gingerbread man" (apparently they read the story to them and then they had to go "find" him, he wasn't anywhere they looked but when they got back to their classroom, they had gingerbread cookies for snack!)

Despite the seemingly negative comments, he did seem to have fun. He liked that he got his own plastic basket with a box of crayons, a glue stick, a pair of scissors, and a pencil and all were labeled with his name (hey! it's the little things!) I guess I can be thankful that we are one of the only school systems in the area who does not have to provide the basics for our children. I did buy him a new box of crayons for home; I felt like I needed to get him something. Santa brought a LOT of pencils for last Christmas and he had gotten a new backpack towards the end of last year so we didn't get a new one. He was also really tired and yes, he did survive lunch (and that's actually what he said there were a lot of instructions about, like where to put their garbage, etc.)

So we did go to Chuck E. Cheese and actually the pizza wasn't nearly as bad it usually is. Let's just say that we have accepted that we don't go there for their pizza. We had a good time playing skee-ball and practically had the place to ourselves. Tucker found a few kids to crawl through the tubes mounted up by the ceiling so all was good.

I go back to work tomorrow after my little mini-vacation and I don't know that I'm ready!

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Julie said...

Glad it all went well. I've heard that Gingerbread idea very recently but can't remember from who or where. It was the same idea for the class to go through the school looking for the gingerbreadman as a way to explore the whole school.