Monday, December 15, 2008

Simple Woman's Daybook

For today...Monday, December 15, 2008

Outside my is cloudy and actually not too bad temperature-wise. It has been sprinkling since I dropped Tucker off at school.

I am thinking...I need to get motivated to clean and do laundry.

I am thankful for...good friends.

From the kitchen...beef stroganoff (the "poor-man's" version) last night for dinner. Probably will eat at Target/Pizza Hut for dinner.

I am creating...still working on Christmas presents. Tucker made a gingerbread house at his friend Andrew's yesterday.

I am wearing...jeans, navy blue/white striped sweatshirt.

I am reading...finished Anne of Ingleside and still reading A is for Alibi. With Tucker, we're reading Christmas and counting books. (He really liked A Million Dots and tried to count them all!) We finished Dragons Don't Throw Snowballs and started another Bailey School book, Santa Claus Doesn't Mop Floors.

I am doesn't really rain for the next two days like they're saying it will (We had 4 inches of rain Friday/Saturday)

I am hearing...Bob from "Survivor" being interviewed on Regis and Kelly. (Yeah, Bob!) The fishtanks gurgling.

Around the house...the Christmas lights are up (and working!) outside...laundry needs to be folded and more needs to be washed...
family room definitely needs to be cleaned table needs to be cleared of Tucker's stuff (Eileen will appreciate this); he uses it as his playarea/battlefield. I have a new table runner I want to put there for Christmas.

One of my favorite things... I LOVE this commercial! I just think sleeping babies are beautiful!) (Make sure you turn the playlist music off so you can hear the song!)

A Few Plans for the rest of the week...mailing the care packages Tucker and I put together for the troops(we went on and picked a soldier)...Senior center tomorrow to help with more Medicare D enrollments...Cub Scout Pack Meeting Wed night...Mel Thomas (From UConn) at our library signing her new book on Thurs...Christmas crafts with Tucker...wrapping presents (because I didn't get it done last week)...finishing Christmas presents...possibly Tucker's friend William staying over Sat night...baking cookies with Tucker...helping Tucker's class with making gingerbread houses on Friday...Tucker has a field trip tomorrow to the West Hartford Children's Museum (I didn't get picked for a chaperone).

A picture thought...

Well, okay, two. This is the finished gingerbread house Tucker made at his friends Andrew's house yesterday. Though it looks like a church, the ice cream cone is supposed to be a chimney!


Dana said...

You are a busy lady. Love the gingerbread house!

Julie said...

I love the gingerbread house too! Our library has done them for the past 9 or 10 years and we've always done it there. This year...budget cuts:(!

cindy said...

We had the same thing happen with our library! I do have more pictures to post from the afternoon-they had such a great time doing them! We tried to do it ourselves one year and it wasn't very pretty!

Julie said...

I just watched the sleeping babies. It's funny to see all the twitching because when Jonathan was my only baby I used to get so freaked out by his twitching because of the seizures he'd had. It took me years to realize all babies did that.