Saturday, December 6, 2008

Getting our Tree

We were going to get our tree tomorrow. I had Michael drive down to a Christmas Tree Farm that had opened to find out the price and he called me to say it was $20! (The going rate around here for a cut-your-own tree is $35-$40). The guy was going to be closed tomorrow because it's supposed to snow. So Tucker and I joined Michael to find a tree!

Michael put it in the tree stand with some water and it's outside. We'll still decorate it tomorrow as planned. Michael worked today and Tucker and I went to his Cub Scout Boxwood Derby (pictures/post still to come). Tucker's now at his friend William's for his birthday/sleepover party.


Dana said...

Yipee!! Looks like you picked a perfect one!

Sandra said...

You got a really good tree there :)

I miss getting my own tree, I'm using an artificial one and it's just not the same is it?