Friday, December 19, 2008

Mel Thomas

Last night I had a fun night listening to Mel Thomas, former UConn basketball great, speak at our local library. She was actually very nice and very funny! She talked about being recruited for UConn (Geno basically told her "If you come, you come. If you don't, you don't"). She talked about the difficulties of being a freshman after UConn had just won 3 National Championships and graduated Diana Taurasi. She talked about the family of UConn players and how Geno treats them all like his own daughters. She had "no comment" when asked why she thought Pat Summit didn't want to continue to play UConn and said "I don't think I could ever say I know what that woman is thinking". It was very funny!!!

She has a brand-new book out journalling her senior year at UConn. Of course, I had to get two books for my mom (and her friend Sue) and stood in line and had them signed. (I'm going to read my mom's before I give it to her.)
It's only available at the Uconn Co-op or on her website