Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day with Family

Our moms, Michael's sister Doreen and our niece Cassandra always join us for Christmas Day. Once we got the kitchen under control (thanks Mom and Doreen!
Have I mentioned I'm not good in the kitchen?!), everything went fine. We sat down to eat and Tucker took a group picture.

Tucker showed off his newly acquired cutting skills (it's hard to teach a leftie anything, particularly cutting for some reason!) He actually ate a LOT of ham, all the peas and one bite of the mashed potatoes! Much better than Thanksgiving!

For some reason, I only took pictures of our moms opening their presents-Tucker gave them each a ceramic snowman and a candle and I made them calendars featuring Tucker.

My mom opens her usual Christmas present from me-a cat desk calendar (always the same kind, I tried a different one one year and she didn't like it as much).

Tucker got remote-control army tanks from Gra Doyle and Uno Attack from Aunt Doreen
(our new family obsession since Cassandra got it for her birthday in October). He also got art supplies from Gra Tucker in a great container! I got canvas bags and Eeyore pjs from my mom, a scented diffuser from Doreen. Michael got Dunkin Donuts coffee from my mom and new shoes from Doreen. Dorren gave me "Mamma Mia!" which I am so excited about! Cassandra gave us fixings for ice cream sundaes and Eileen gave us a portable GPS unit to share.

We all made out pretty well, don't you think?!

I'm hoping someone has pictures of everyone else; it all happened so fast!

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