Thursday, December 25, 2008

Santa came and brought LOTS of presents!!!

This is what the tree looked like with the presents before Tucker came down and attacked it...
Tucker usually opens his stocking first. It's amazing how much stuff Santa can fit in that stocking!
He got a lot of really great stuff
One of two army sets he got (he specifically asked for these from Santa)

These games were labeled "To: Tucker and His Dad". Both were very excited to have some Army games to play on the Wii!

Here is a very cool G.I. Joe tank (Are you seeing the theme here?! He is very into Army this year!)

This set is similar to the checker set we use at the library and he couldn't wait to play it!

He did actually receive non-Army presents including Mousetrap, a Wii game (Catz), Star Wars books, computer games (castle and viking ship), Balloon Lagoon, some art supplies, a cash register which is also a calculator, and a very cool Nerf gun.

Michael got me a digital picture key ring, I got him a do-it-yourself book for home repairs (he wanted an updated one). Tucker got me scrapbooking stickers and got Daddy Homer Simpson pjs.

Our moms, Michael's sister and niece all came over for the day but I am too exhausted to post those pictures tonight so they will have to wait until tomorrow!

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