Friday, March 13, 2009

Toy Hunt-Wild Animals

Yes I've joined another themed post! The idea is to go through your kids' toys and find items matching that week's theme! This week's theme is "wild animals". Go here to participate or see others' toys.

If you know my son you know he has way too many toys so I thought this would be easy! But I could only find these four wild animals: the hippo from Madagascar, an elephant, a rhino, and a lion. He must be holding out on me!

If I find more tomorrow when I clean, I will add them.

Next week's theme will be easier: Disney!


Chris said...

it looks like we have the same animals :D

Tiffany said...

How do you find all these blog thingies???

-mopher- said...

Nice animals you have. My brothers have also those kinds of toys. Those are nice ones!

you can visit my toy hunt entry here:
- marc