Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Job Prospects

I have been going crazy all week waiting to hear from the nursing home I interviewed with last week and was planning to call them tomorrow. I received an email from the administrator today that said they needed to speak with the steward from the state (they are in receivership because their previous owner filed bankruptcy) and have him review their recommendation, and just waiting for the approval. It ended with "we are still very interested". So I am very excited! It seems very promising!

I also have another prospect with the town that I work for. I am currently the social worker for the VNA of that town and helping at the senior center 1 day/month. The senior center director retired in December and they hired a new director (Amy) who seemed stressed out from the beginning. She went on medical leave about 3 weeks ago and won't be back until June. There is the possibility that she will not come back. They have someone there 15-20 hours /week and she is calling me constantly. The mayor has asked if I would be able to help out temporarily while Amy is out. I told them I could help out until I hear from the full-time possibility, but didn't want to commit to anything, which they understand. When I spoke with the director of the VNA this morning, she indicated that should the nursing home not work out, I could probably end up full-time at the senior center if I was interested!

So things are definitely looking up for me!

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Julie said...

Excellent! Start planning your vacation to FL!!