Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kids' Picks - March

President Pennybaker by
We read this book for President's Day (we read books about Lincoln and Washington on their respective actual birthdays). This book tells the story of Luke who is tired of being told what to do and during a time-out in his room, decides he will run for president and make things fair for kids! You can follow Luke as he campaigns across the country (with his dog Lily running for vice-president) and even engages in a debate with other candidates! Of course, he does win the election but finds that it may not be all he bargained for! My son enjoyed the great illustrations and even looked at it a second time JUST to look at the pictures without the story!

Carla's Breakfast by Megan McDonald
This was actually a book Tucker had to read from his Reading Lab at school. We had it over a weekend and read it THREE times each night! It's a cute story about Carla and what she does and doesn't want for breakfast. It is repetitive but I think that's what he enjoyed the most; he used different voices and tones each time he read it and had a great time!

Three Little Cajun Pigs by Mike Artell
We read this one for Mardi Gras and he wanted me to read it TWICE! It's a take on the Three Little Pigs, Cajun style and thankfully I did read it twice so that I could try the dialect again! These feisty little pigs are trying to stay out of the way of Ol' Claude the gator and if you've read the original, you can figure out the ending! My son laughed throughout it and LOVED the artwork! (be sure to look for the mouse on almost every page!)

There's A Wocket in My Pocket by Dr Seuss
This was one of the books we read in honor of Dr Seuss' birthday on March 2nd. We have read it before and Tucker laughed at loud at all the silly words and crazy creatures! Gotta love Dr Seuss!

Armadillo Tattletale by Helen Kitteman
This is a cute tale about how the armadillo got his current set of ears; "In the beginning, Armadillo's ears were as tall as a jack rabbit's" and how he used them to eavesdrop on his friends, then goes around tattle-taling to the other animals, telling them what he overheard. We loved that each animal threw a "humongous hissy fit" and gave Armadillo "the what-for, the how-come and the why-not". This continues until he talks about the Alligator "who nipped, and snipped and clipped at Armadillo's ears until there was nothing left but tiny, teensy, weenie little ears". Though I picked this up by chance, it could be used to teach the concept that it's not nice to listen in on other's conversations nor to spread gossip! My son liked it for its' repetitive rhymes and great illustrations.


Julie said...

They all sound great!

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

We're going to the library today, and I'm going to look for Carla's Breakfast. You really know that they like it when they make you read it multiple times in a row!!

Carrie said...

All of these sound really, really cute! We haven't read There's a Wocket in My Pocket yet but I'm looking forward to doing so!

Bluestocking said...

I remember that Dr. Zeus book.


Kaycee said...

I need to find that president book. My son is really interested in the election process and political stuff so he would love it.

morninglight mama said...

A couple of these are new to me-- thanks for the tip. A Cajun three little pigs story sounds so interesting! :)

Cynthia said...

We'll be looking for Carla's Breakfast and the armadillo book. Those definitely sound like some my kids would like!