Friday, March 20, 2009

Mommy Moments Friday

This week's theme is SIBLINGS/COUSINS BONDING and since you know I am all about themes, I have to play along! To join in or see other Mommy Moments, click here.

Since Tucker is an only child, I am sharing pcitures of him with his cousin Cassandra. Though she is 13 years older, it has always been clear that the two of them share a special bond. Tthese are a few of my favorite pictures of them:

This was taken when Tucker was about 6 months old

Tucker is a little over 3 in this picture; they had just spent some time playing soccer. Ttucker definitely gets his love of soccer from Cassandra. It seems like he has always been chasing her and a soccer ball around!

This was Father's Day of 2007; Tucker had just turned 5

This is the 4th of July the same year!


Chris said...

wow! its wonderful to know that your lil one bonded with his cousin even if they have quite an age gap :) i think that's pretty rare.. and awesome!

Lynn said...

They're just like brother and sister! Cassandra seems to be a very sweet cousin and Tucker obviously adores her.