Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

In honor of tomorrow being the first day of spring, I thought I would list my 13 favorite things about Spring!

1. Warmer temperatures

2. Easter

3. Easter Egg Hunt

4. Kites

5. Longer Days

6. Leaves on the trees

7. Butterflies

8. Tulips

9. Daffodils

10. Buds on the trees

11. Green grass

12. Robins

13. Dandelions

The Thursday Thirteen is a weekly meme. Every Thursday you pick a theme and post a list of 13 related items. To read more Thursday Thirteen lists or to participate, click here.


Julie said...

Very nice...we're a little ahead of you in the spring department, the kids are going swimming (outside) at PE today.

Mari said...

I love your list of 13!

anthonynorth said...

Everything about spring is good, but some good choices there.

My T-13

Pop Art Diva! said...

My favorite thing about Spring is Chocolate Easter Bunnies - I love the ears best!

I went topical this week - my TT :

Thirteen Ways to get your money back from those bailed out bank burglars!

Happy TT!

Alice Audrey said...

Longer days, yeah! What I love is being able to bicycle without freezing off various body parts.

Kaycee said...

Nice list. It's supposed to be 70 degrees here this weekend and I am loving it.

Malcolm said...

Longer days and green grass... I like the sound of those. By the way, the pics you included with your T13 are excellent.