Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Rest Of The Story...

I sent a note to Tucker's teacher and received a note back. Apparently he had an issue with his teacher on Friday when she asked to re-write his story (he had only written two sentences and was upset that he wasn't done first). She said that he is frequently in a rush to get his work done so that he will be done first. so she asked him to write more sentences, to finish the story. When she checked 25 minutes later, he had just drawn a line on the paper until there was a hole in his paper. Obviously she was not happy and he gave her a little attitude.

She talked to him this morning and all seems to be better--he finished his story, he is no longer mad at her, and knows that he was not right to handle it the way he did. I'm glad I wrote the note to her to figure out the real problem. My friend Heather said her son, Colby, who is in 2nd grade still has these issues from time to time.

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