Friday, March 20, 2009

Toy Hunt-Disney Characters

Yes I've joined another themed post! The idea is to go through your kids' toys and find items matching that week's theme! This week's theme is Disney characters!

My son has moved on somewhat from Disney but I did manage to find a few stragglers:

The firetruck from Cars. (He still loves any firetruck!)

The Tractor Tripping game featuring the characters of Cars (this scene in the movie is still our very favorite!)

Assorted characters from Toy Story


☆SmartMommy☆ said...

cars is one of the many favorites today!

Chris said...

wow, my son would love your toys!! :D

Joy said...

Oh Wow you've got heaps.... and of course they're all Good Toys...!!!! BTW Thank you for joining ,,, Happy TOY HUNTING ,,, see u next week..... TOY/s with Wings...

pehpot said...

cars again? and again? I think most entries this week have cars LOL

My toy hunt entry :)

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