Sunday, January 4, 2009

Taking the Tree Down

The tree is FINALLY down! For some reason, the tree stayed up longer than usual this year. It's usually gone by the day after Christmas or at the LATEST the day after that. This year it made it to after New Year's. Since I didn't take a lot of pictures when we decorated it, I thought I'd take some un-decorating it!

Michael takes down some ornaments (it ended up being Michael and Tucker taking off the ornaments and me putting them into the boxes)
Tucker is cheering that the tree is finally leaving-yippee!

Tucker and Michael figuring out how to remove the tree without making a huge mess

Tucker checks out the lovely water in the treestand
Note Michael has his hand on his head "oh my goodness, what have we done?!" (it ended up being a bigger project than we expected)

Bye-Bye Tree
The tree's final resting spot...Tucker and Michael built this fort in the woods across the street (there are three other Christmas trees of ours)
Tucker was excited to spread out his Army stuff once the tree was gone

My favorite is(are?) the soldiers lined up on the treadmill!


Mari said...

It is always a job taking the tree down - especially when it's a real one! We have artificial due to allergies, but it's still a relief to have it down.

Julie said...

I like the one with Tucker and Michael laying down trying to figure out what to do next!