Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fun at Gra's

For those of you who may not know- Tucker calls his grandmothers 'Gra'. Last night I took him to 'Gra with the kitties' (my mom's) because I spent the day with a friend (more on that later). He was supposed to stay until tomorrow but due to pending snow, we have postponed my family birthday party until next Sunday so I picked him up tonight.

So anyway...he always has a lot of fun at Gra's and even had a Christmas present from one of her friends to open. He got a really cool art set with everything you can imagine!
He got right to work with his new supplies

My mom's cats love to hang out with Tucker and Wally especially enjoyed sharing his potato chips

He always has a good time with Gra-lots of pizza, drawing, playing Uno Attack, and an exciting trip to the dump....does it get any better than that?!


Mari said...

It sounds like a fun day - and I love that last picture!

Sandra said...

I love the kids would have been ecstatic with that art set, they love stuff like that :)