Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Close Call

Last night when I got home from the PTO meeting, Tucker greeted me with gritted (is that a word?!) teeth. I wasn't sure what he was trying to show me, the teeth all seemed to be there. So as I counted the teeth again to myself, I asked what happened. (his gums did look a little red). Turns out that while he was shopping at Target with Michael, Michael stopped quick, Tucker ran the carriage into the back of his foot (ouch!) and his mouth hit the handle of the shopping cart. Apparently there was not a lot of blood and there were able to continue shopping (it was Target, after all!) I checked his mouth out, the front (permanent) tooth on the left seemed a little loose and closer to the tooth next to it. He also said it hurt. Hmmmmmm...

So I got him off to school and called the dentist, thinking I would need to plead to get him seen today. Turns out they didn't have an availability in our regular office but he could be seen in another office at 10. So I was back at the school at 9:30 to get him (45 minutes after school started!).

All went well. The dentist took an x-ray and said that the tooth isn't any looser than he would expect it to be. Apparently, the root won't attach to the tooth for another two years so it is a little loose now. The tooth next to it is actually the one that got moved over. He did a quick exam, everything looked good, Tucker got a small prize, and was back to school by 10:50. Of course, he thought he was getting the whole day off! And the other good part is that the dentist only charged us $30 for the x-ray!

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Julie said...

Wow, glad it's OK, I saw the facebook comment first and quickly came here to get the info!