Monday, January 5, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

For today, Monday, January 5, 2008

Outside my is cloudy and cold. We had an hour delay this morning so I'm guessing there was freezing rain.

I am thinking...I am way too addicted to Facebook and that I did a good job of not laughing last night when Tucker told Michael he (meaning Michael) needed to do the dishes and straighten out the kitchen because "mommy needs a break"!

I am thankful...for good high school memories and friends I've reconnected with on Facebook.

From the kitchen...made Cube steaks in the crockpot. Planning on making Breaded Ranch Chicken and a new recipe for Spaghetti and Meatballs from Sandra at Fullbellies, happykids. I'm trying to be more productive in the kitchen with the New Year.

I am creating...address labels for the PTO fundraiser. A clean house and piles of clean laundry after I finish on the computer.

I am wearing...jeans and blue/green striped shirt

I am reading...I finished Rainbow Valley and Moon Shell Beach. I've just started The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch. With Tucker we read a New Year's Eve book, Paul Revere's Ride by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (It was Paul Revere's birthday on Jan 1st and was also on a recent episode of FETCH! on PBS), as well as winter-themed picture books. Michael and Tucker started Polar Bears Past Bedtime, aMagic Treehouse book. We're planning on reading winter-themed picture books this week. Tucker continues to do an awesome job reading to us every night.

I am get a job soon

I am hearing...the fishtanks gurgling and a judge show on TV.

Around the house...working on laundry...the army fortress is still set up down here in the family room...the living room and dining rooms desperately need some attention...the Christmas tree is finally gone as are the decorations...the snowmen will stay up a little longer.

One of my favorite things...cheese and crackers with pepperoni (which I'm eating now).

A few plans for the rest of the week...getting the donation request letters mailed out for the Basket Raffle in March...another Cub Scout Movie Night on Friday...a massage on Thurs (finally using the certificate Michael gave me for my birthday 7 days before my next birthday; they assured me it hasn't expired)...senior center on Thurs morning...listing some items on eBay (another of my resolutions is clean out the extrastuff around here whether it's selling on eBay, or bringing stuff to the consignment stores or Goodwill).

A picture thought...
Michael's latest and greatest acquisition from the dump. We have a "free" area in our dump that Michael and Tucker check out weekly. We were looking for a Lego table for him for Christmas but they were so expensive. This is actually a really nice solid, wooden one! Most of the 1200 legos (literally) he has in a plastic bucket fit! Tucker loves it!


Julie said...

What a nice lego table. That is so neat that it is from the dump. I always wonder about how the donation places like Goodwill always say it is illegal to take anything that someone has left there and I always think it would be nice if there was just a place where you could bring stuff so other people could just take it.

The verification word is spumpl--maybe that could be a name of a place for leaving stuff-- it has part of dump in it!

cindy said...

There is also a section where you donate items and there is the sign like Goodwill has (i'm not sure if that sentence made sense!). We've gotten some good stuff from the "free" pile actually but don't tell Michael I said that(LOL); I'm always saying we have too much and need to get RID of things not bring them home!