Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Update on my car

I had my car towed to the garage on Monday afternoon (that's why we pay AAA!!) and they called yesterday morning with the reason for the issue with shifting and it turns it out that this little part caused all the problems!

So it cost $400 instead of what it would cost to replace the whole transmission! (It's called a shifting solenoid, by the way-learn something new everyday!)

We had an interesting morning of juggling the mom's other car started having issues Monday and she can't drive it. The garage was telling me that my car would be ready by early afternoon. To add to this Tucker had a half-day because of the pending snow. Since we were getting my car back, we had to bring my mother's car to her at work (she got a ride in). Thankfully Michael had the morning off so he followed me to my mom's job (35 minutes away), I gave her the key and we headed back. We picked Tucker from school early (he missed an hour, he was THRILLED with the novelty of it!), swung by McDonalds, and Michael dropped us off at the garage. We were there for about a half hour when they realized it was going to take longer because of the other cars ahead of it. So they sent us home in a loaner car. We had to go BACK to get it in the worst of the snow but we did it! It was a crazy day of running around but we're just thankful the car is fixed and that it wasn't anything major!


Mari said...

What a relief! $400 isn't cheap but it beats a whole new transmission!

Julie said...

Wow, glad it's fixed!