Saturday, February 7, 2009

Movie and Swimming with the Cub Scouts

We live about 20 minutes from a naval submarine base (known affectionately as the "sub base" around here!). There's a really neat museum and actual sub you can go through (it's all free!). Tonight we went with the Cub Scouts to see a movie and go swimming on the base. (We had to give our info beforehand to be "cleared" by security). We were supposed to see "Bedtime Stories" but the movie had changed to "Marley & Me". Not something I would recommend for everyone and don't worry, I won't spoil it for those who haven't seen it. The scouts were paid for by the den and we (the parents) paid $3/each which included a small popcorn and small soda, like the scouts. Definitely cannot beat that!

After the movie, we headed across the street to the swimming pool and this is where some serious fun happened. Tucker is fairly confident in the water (in the shallow end, of course) and even more so with a life jacket on! Here are some pictures of the fun...

Tucker had a great time playing with his den leader, Kevin

Tucker's friend Chase with his dad, Dave, and little sister, Maddie

I tried to get a picture of Tucker and Chase togther but they were both moving pretty fast and wouldn't stay in one place long enough! What did we do before we could just delete the 'bad' shots?!