Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cub Scouts

Thursday night we had a BUSY Cub Scout Pack meeting! To start, the Tigers got to carry the flag in (they were supposed to do this in January but the meeting was cancelled due to the weather). It took three of them to carry the flag (Tucker's not in this picture but his friend Chase is pulling up the rear, so to speak!)
Then we said the Pledge of Allegiance (again you can't see Tucker in this picture but I liked the group shot)

This was also the night we had to turn over all our soda can tabs to the Shriners (well, only one came so I guess Shriner would be more appropriate). The boys collected 3 1/2 boxes! Here the gentleman explains what the Shriners do (besides drive those cute little cars in parades!! LOL)

We also took a group shot of all the Scouts with the Shriner and two of the boxes of soda tabs

Next we raced the cars made by a unit in Afghanistan. The Tigers sent a care package to a unit in December (the husband of a co-worker of our den leader's wife ) and included two Pinewood Derby kits. He wrote back and asked for more kits. In all, 6 cars were returned. Each den chose one as their own and we had a race. It was all video-taped to send over to the unit and each den got to say a few words to the soldiers

(Tucker is the second from the right--his friend Chase is the 1st on the right)

We ended the evening with an ice cream party! The boys took off their dress shirts and had a great time enjoying their ice cream!

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Mari said...

Looks like they've been an active troop and they all look like they're having fun!