Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kids' Picks -February

This is my first time participating in this Carnival! These were the books my 6 yo son enjoyed over the past month...

I chose this book for the Arctic theme because we live in New England and it's COLD! My son loved the rhyming text as we were introduced to all the animals who live in the Arctic. He especially enjoyed the counting from 10 to 1 and as is typical for him, counted each one( I don't know why, maybe he thinks they made a mistake; I think he just likes to count!) The pictures were really nice, done in a cut-paper style. At the end, there is a Fact or Fiction section which "reviews" what was in the book and my son liked this part too.

This was our book for Chinese New Year. My son enjoyed hearing this story about a very mischievous kitten who lives with a magistrate and falls into an ink pot, getting his face, paws, tips of his ears, and tail covered in ink. He becomes a much beloved pet of the magistrate despite his naughtiness. My son really enjoyed the very colorful pictures in this book and the story describing the antics of this ancestor of the Siamese Cat.

Another snow picture book for us! My son enjoyed hearing how the family of mice spent their day at their grandparents house. The activities they enjoyed were many that he is familiar with: climbing, ice skating, making angels and a snowman and of course, the finale of sliding down the big hill! He loved the beautiful pictures and the story of how the tiniest mouse overcame her fear of sledding down the hill!

This was our first experience with Traction Man and it didn't disappoint! My son loved the pictures of the toys in their adventures (it's similar to the way he plays and he's also a big fan of Toy Story. It is basically the story of Traction Man, and his brave pet, Scrubbing Brush. They are inseparable—until the boy’s father throws the “unhygienic” Scrubbing Brush in the trash and replaces it with a “real” toy, the battery-operated TurboDog. Traction Man goes into the garbage can and rescues Scrubbing Brush. He enjoyed the pictures and they are fun, almost like an I-Spy book. My son and I laughed out loud as I read this book to him, definitely the sign of a good book!


Carrie said...

Well, for a first-timer you certainly did a fantastic job! We haven't read any of the books you suggested and I think we'll have to rectify the situation!

And as a complete aside - I love the version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow that you have playing on your blog.

Thanks for participating!

Heather J. said...

Great picks this week - welcome to the carnival!

Alicia said...

Welcome to the carnival! I love your post. Great books, love that you read books related to the holidays and weather, and the layout of the post was perfect. Hope to see you again next month!

morninglight mama said...

Oh, for a snow book to have any relevance for my kids would be nice! (Not much snow at all for us in the DC Metro area this year!) The Traction Man book looks intriguing-- will add it to my library list!

Thanks for joining the carnival!