Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Fun Family Day

On Sunday (yes I know it's Friday), it was an absolutely beautiful day. We had been promising Tucker we would go to this pizza place that has a model train set. So off we went to Pizza Works and a YUMMY pizza! They have two areas set up that are connected so the trains can go back and forth between the two. As you can see, he's just a little excited to check out the trains!

After we enjoyed our pizza, we went for a walk down on the boardwalk in Niantic. It runs alongside the train tracks so the trains speed by every so often which is a little strange but it's still a nice place to walk. (And yes, those are swans in the water. It was fun watching them float in the water alongside the seagulls!)

Because we were only a couple of blocks away from our local children's Museum we walked over and Tucker spent the next few hours having a great time! Here he enjoys playing the organ

He always likes to climb inside this guy (although he doesn't fit as well as he used to!)

Michael and Tucker work together on a track for the ping pong balls to follow without falling off

Ringing the bell on the boat

All in all, it was a really fun day and just nice to be outside enjoying the day. These warm days are always encouraging that spring really is coming someday!

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Mari said...

t looks like such a fun day. I love that first picture of Tucker. Looks like he had another fun day today at school!