Monday, February 2, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

For today, February 2 Groundhog Day

Outside my window...the sun is shining, it is fairly "warm", in the upper 30s. Supposed to get to 44 today! Woohoo! We're expecting snow sometime between now and Wednesday but no one seems to know when or how much; it may even miss us completely.

I thinking...of my Uncle Ted (my mother's oldest brother). He was diagnosed with colon cancer in November and had surgery in December (resection and "temporary" colostomy bag). They have done some more tests and determined that it has spread to his kidneys. He will be starting chemo but the prognosis is not good. I am also thinking of his grandson (my cousin's son), Matt, who is heading to NC for basic training today. He just turned 23 last month and has a wife and 4 yo little boy named Zack. Please keep both of them in your thoughts and prayers.

I am thankful...that my mom is letting us "borrow" one of her cars (I should explain, lest you think my mom has a whole fleet of cars! My dad passed away 4 years ago and my mom kept his car and uses both. We think the transmission is shot on mine and obviously don't have the money to fix it so we are borrowing my dad's car until we get out income tax refund).

From the kitchen...I made the Bisquick chicken pot pie again and it was just as yummy. Michael's working a lot of nights this week so probably will make pizza tonight, eggs and toast another night. Easy stuff. Maybe meatloaf and potatoes towards the end of the week.

I am creating...does helping Tucker write out his Valentines count?! (His teacher sent home the list of names so her had to get right to it! Has anyone else had trouble finding Valentines with envelopes. We had some left over from last year so I was excited to use them...unfortunately they're the kind you fold over and seal with a heart sticker and Tucker can't write small enough to fit in the space. So we went out and got more and these don't have envelopes either but the space is twice the size of the other ones so we're hoping he'll be able to make the names fit; the only one I'm not sure about is Gabrielle but I think she goes by Gabby and if she doesn't, she will that day! LOL)

I am wearing...a green sweatshirt and jeans.

I am reading...The Boleyn Inheritance. Next up is The House at Pooh Corner by A.A. Milne (see previous post. I couldn't read I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings for tomorrow because it has been checked out of the library for the past three weeks!) The Shelfari tag this month is Chick Lit which doesn't really interest me. With Tucker, we have read books about penguins (fact and fiction), the Chinese New Year (fact and fiction), and a few other miscellaneous ones. His favorites this week were Traction Man meets Turbo Dog and Sagwa, the Chines Siamese Cat. We listened to Henry and Beezus on CD.

I am do well on the state social worker exam this weekend. (I had to apply to take it and was approved. Depending on the score I could be offered a job with the state.)

I am hearing...the dryer...the fishtanks...Rachael Ray.

Around the house...other than down here in the family room, it's pretty neat...the snowmen are put away and Valentine's Day is out...laundry needs to be folded and one more load to wash.

One of my favorite how Tucker reads EVERYTHING!

A few plans for the rest of the week...studying for the exam...working on the PTO fundraiser...a home visit later in the week...senior center on Thursday...A movie and swimming at the Sub Base with the Cub Scouts on Sat (I'm assuming Michael and I passed security! LOL)

A picture thought
When washing his hair the other night, Michael did a mohawk with Tucker's hair!

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Julie said...

My mother worked with a lady in Charlotte who had two of the same car (make, model, and color)...I think one had been her mother's.

That would be cool if you got a job with the state!