Sunday, August 23, 2009

New York City-Day 4

This was our last day in New York and we headed to Bronx Zoo. It's Donation Day on Wednesdays so we paid $15 for the 3 of us instead of $15/person. Of course, this reduced rate apparently also applies to groups because there were only 80 million summer camp kids there (I'm estimating on the lower end! LOL)

After taking the train and walking 10 blocks, we finally arrived!

Thankfully we arrived early enough to get a stroller for Tucker because otherwise we would have never done as much as we did if Tucker had had to walk!
We headed first to the Monkey house (which we enjoy at any zoo because of the MonkeyBoy name for Tucker). Some of the monkeys

These were carrying their babies on their backs! So cute!

I'm not sure why but I am fascinated by flamingos and though you can't really tell in the picture, these were the pinkest I had ever seen!

Now it was time to see the animals in the "wild"! The bison (which we learned at AMNH were saved from going extinct by Teddy Roosevelt when he brought some to Bronx Zoo) Tucker actually "reminded" me of this when we were looking at them!
Always love the giraffes

We only made it halfway through Africa because it was just so darn hot and crowded! So we decided we were done and made our way by bus and train back to the hotel to relax!

All in all, it was a great trip and we definitely did a lot of great things!

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