Friday, August 14, 2009

New York City-Day 1

Finally! I got the pictures to post!

We had been planning this trip for a long time and we were finally on our way! Tucker looks pretty excited, huh?!
We made our way on to the train from Greenwich and arrived at Grand Central

The only place on our agenda for the day was Sony Wonder Technology Lab. It's a super cool place that has all kind of computer games, experiments you can do. And best of all-it's FREE!!! We did have to make an appointment and our appointment was for 12:30.

We took this elevator up to the fourth floor
Tucker uses the computer to learn about how animation works and created a character

Here Tucker programmed a robot and maneuvers it

When we left Sony, we noticed Spiderman hanging on the glass wall!

We stepped outside into POURING RAIN! But it was okay, we knew we wouldn't melt so we made our way to a place to eat. We decided on Burger Heaven which was really yummy (none of us had a burger though! LOL)

Then it was back to Grand Central to take the train to our hotel...

Our room...

One of the reasons for choosing this hotel was the indoor pool and wouldn't it figure? It was going to be closed from Mon thru Thurs for repairs so this was the only night we got to enjoy it!


Mari said...

What a fun trip! Grand Central station is really pretty - lots of photo ops there! I love the last picture of Tucker in the pool.

Julie said...

Hooray pictures!!