Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Daybook

For today... Monday, August 17, 2009

Outside the window is and humid today with more to come tomorrow!

On my mind...I woudn't be disappointed if the humidity went away and took my migraine with it!

What we're reading...finished The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks. Also started and finished Always Looking Up: The Adventures of an Incurable Optimist by Michael J. Fox, which I loved! I want to read his first autobiography now. With Tucker, we read Skunks! by David T. Greenberg, The U.S. Army Rangers at War by Michael and Gladys Green, and The U.S. Navy Alphabet Book by Shane Garnett, Jerry Pallotta, and Rob Bolster. We finished Cricket in Times Square and are quickly reading Mercy Watson: Something Wonky this Way Comes by Kate Dicamillo-it's really funny!

What we're listening to...finished Bridge to Teribithia and Dear John by Nicholas Sparks and loved it despite the narrator's female voice sounding like Dustin Hoffman from Tootsie! With Tucker, I listened to Henry and Mudge: Sea Trouble by cynthia Rylant.

I am hoping...and determined to get the NYC pictures up. Our computer is really showing its age lately (it's around 6 or so years old and takes forever and then some loading pictures lately so I have to do them one at a time which is actually quicker but not really if that makes any sense!)

A funny thing...I think most of you know that I have reconnected with high school friends and we are having a reunion show in November. We had a meeting on Sat and my first boyfriend was there and it was a little strange introducing Tucker to him!

In the Kitchen...Tacos (never got around to them last week), barbequed chicken, and not sure what else!

Around the House...Laundry is done and needs to be folded...the house is looking lived-in.

Coming Up This Week...a home visit...I took Thurs off and we're going to Roger Williams zoo; Tucker's friend Isaiah is going with us...Tucker's 1st soccer practice of the season on Thurs night...Tucker has a haircut on Sat...going to meet my cousin's twins, who are now 5 mos old, on Sat...celebrating Michael's 41st birthday Sun at my mom's.

A Picture Thought
We have a pumpkin!!! Please note that Michael has put it on a pedestal of rocks!

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