Sunday, August 23, 2009

New York City-Day 3

For those who thought we did a lot on Day 2, Day 3 had even more crammed into it!

We started off the day with the Empire State Building! We got tickets on-line so avoided the lines of people buying tickets and only had to make it through the security lines!
The view from the top was AMAZING!

Micahel points out the Statue of Liberty to Tucker

After some technical difficulties involving which direction we needed to be going in (thanks to an extremely nice man, we got on the correct bus
and made it to the Intrepid Museum!

This boat was massive and we had a good time exploring it
As usual, Tucker had to try things out
We wandered around the flight deck with all the planes

Next we headed over to The Beast (thank goodness, rright next door!!) and waited in line (we already had our tickets) to board. Here Tucker checks out the boat we will get on
The Beast was so much fun! 45 mph down the Hudson River to the Statue of Liberty! They play great music and the guys walk around with water guns, water balloons to get you wet (if you weren't already!)
He also came around and took pictures of your group

We stopped by the Statue of Liberty for some pictures
and also stopped at Ground Zero to appreciate where the buildings had been. Then back we went! This was by far one of the best things we did!

From here, I was determined to go to a restaurant called Mars 2112 in Times Square and because I am apparently directionally-challenged in NYC, it was a a longer walk than we expected but eventually we made it there!
Inside you take a simulator-ride to Mars, complete with bumps and turns and eventually you are on Mars

they have staff who walk around in cool Martian costumes. Tucker didn't want to pose with any of them but I took one of their pictures
The food is simiar to an Applebee's/Friday's kind of place and in the end, the walk turned out to be worth it because when I asked Tucker what his favorite part of the day was, he said "Mars!"

We had talked about staying late enough to see Times Square lit up by we were just too tired and headed back for our last night in our hotel!

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