Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New York City-Day 2

We were up and out today for our next adventure in the city! Today we started in Central Park on our way to the American Museum of Natural History

We found a playground in our travels

and of course, rocks to climb

Taking a break

and down the other side, (and yes I did go this way, too!)

It was a beautiful day for exploring the park

This is Belvedeere Castle which Tucker was really excited to see but it turns out it is closed on Mondays (which I didn't remember reading anywhere!)

Then on to the museum

Michael and Tucker pose with Teddy Roosevelt and his horse

The dinosaurs greet you as you come in

By this time, we were starving so we went to eat and then went on a free tour. We moved quickly and saw a lot! Tucker also made a few souvenir pennies

Eventually we tired of the tour and went to find the "gum, gum guy" from Night at the Museum. He was actually hidden pretty well and it was funny to hear all the kids saying "get me gum, gum dum, dum" on the way in! (I wanted Tucker to pose with him but he wouldn't!)

Having found him, it was time to move on to Times Square. We took the subway this time and then walked. There were a lot of things to see

including these lounge chairs set up for people to just hang out in

And then we found it: Toys R Us!
When you come in, you come face-to-face with a four-story ferris wheel!
We paid our $4/person and got in line. It moved pretty fast and we went around 6 times! So it was definitely worth the money (I actually think they forgot us!)

After the ferris wheel ride, we wondered around the store. Through the Star Wars stuff
the legos (Tucker really liked the Yankees hat made out of legos!)

and past the giant, animated dinosaur

We were exhausted by this point so we headed back to the subway to eventually make our way back to our hotel!


Mari said...

Cindy - this looks like such a fun day! You got some great pictures and made some great memories!

Tiffany said...

wow--that was a busy day! The Central Park pictures are great. You are the third or fourth family I know that went to NY this summer. All the pictures make me want to go there too. Maybe next summer...