Monday, August 31, 2009

First Day of School

Yes, it's true...Tucker is now a 2nd did that happen?!

Believe it or not he was anxious to get going (although if you know Tucker, you may not abe surprised!) Apparently Michael and I weren't moving fast enough so he wanted to speed things up and took it upon himself to take his own picture!

Of course, you know that I wasn't going to let that here are the official first day pictures!

His friend Andrew is starting kindergarten this year!
His friend Cole was happy to see him (left) as was Freddie (right) even if Tucker didn't look as excited. He is very serious at school!

It was shortly after this that Michael and I were told "you can go now"! I can't imagine why, I was behaving myself and everything!


Mari said...

I'm back from vacation and doing some catching up on blogs! Tucker is looking so old - must be second grade! The picture of him sitting with his back pack is really cute!

Julie said...

Great pictures! Hope it was a great day!