Monday, June 22, 2009

Take A Chance Challenge- More Choices Made

Random Selection I followed my directions (three shelves down, 10 books to the right, back 3 books to the left) and came up with White Doves In Morning by James Lee Burke. According to the book jacket, it is "an epic story of love, hate, and survival set against the tumultuous background of the Civil War and Reconstruction".

Judge A Book By Its Cover: I really liked the beach scene with two girls playing on the cover of White Ghost Girls by Alice Greenway. According to the book jacket, it take place in the "summer of 1967 when the turmoil of Mao's Cultural Revolution is spilling over into Hong Kong as war rages in nearby Vietnam...the story of Frankie and Kate, two American sisters living in a foreign land in a chaotic time".

Poetic Review: I am going to attempt this with Home Safe by Elizabeth Berg.

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