Friday, June 12, 2009

Field Day

Wednesday was Field Day at Tucker's school (after being postponed from Tuesday due to threat of rain---which as it turned out we got, as well as some bad thunderstorms!) Michael volunteered and helped at one of the activities and I walked around with Tucker and his class to all the different activities.

The class was divided into two teams-Bola Bola and Moro Moro. Tucker was on Bola Bola (his teacher kepp singing Booley Booley or whatever that song is which the kids didn't get and kept correcting her!)

The first activity was a small wooden catapault with a ball on it. They had to step on it and catch the ball. The first couple of times they were hitting it hard to make it go far but then they realized they couldn't catch it when it went far!

Their next activity was a relay where they had to carry a beach ball with two hockey sticks, made more interesting because the ball got wet from the drizzle!

Next it was on to the Math Pole. They were given double-digit (!!) math problems to figure out as a team, run one-by-one to get the correct numbered block, and put it on the pole. for examnple, 15 + 20= 35 so they had to get three blocks with a "10" and 5 blocks with a "1". Here they are figuring out the problem:
Tucker running back with his block:

This next one was the most challenging, I think, because it was just when it started to actually rain! The kids had to hold hands with their partner, run across some plastic rings, cross a balance beam, grab a flag and run back! Here Tucker is looking cute holding hands with Brianna:
Here they negoiate the balance beam:

Next it was onto Michael's activity. The kids had to work together to pull one kid at a time on a sled (probably made easier beacuse the grass was wet by this point!) Tucker had a good time being pulled on the sled

and then pulling a classmate!

Their last activity was also the trickiest (and would have been awesome had the day been hot or better yet, if it wasn't raining!) This time they had to take a cup of water and pour it over their head into the cup of the peron behind them! Tucker and Katie were the only pair who got it immediately and didn't get soaked!
Here Tucker pours water into Daniel's cup

A cheer for Bola Bola! It was a fun time for everybody!


Mari said...

What a fun Field Day! Those activities sound like more fun than the Field Days I remember~

Julie said...

Look like a great day!!