Sunday, June 28, 2009

Getting Together with Friends (old and "new")

It was a busy week of fun for us getting together with friends!

Monday night Tucker and I met Kim and her daughters and Dawn and her son at a McDonalds where the kids could play. Kim and I have recently reconnected via Facebook and turns out she lives down the street from me! We were really good friends in our junior year of high school and I even went to Lake George with her and her family for a week! She's now married and has two beautiful little girls: Lyndall (age 4) and Mia (age 9 mos). Dawn and I grew up together in the same small town but she's two years younger than me. We didn't become friends until I was a senior dating a freshman who was a friend of hers (alright, we aren't going there...the only good thing that came out of that is my friendship with Dawn, enough said!) Dawn and I are more like sisters than anything else, something we have acknowledged many times over the years! She's now married to a wonderful guy named Sam and they live in VA with 2 yo Caleb!

A picture of the kids (I took a couple and for some reason Tucker didn't look forward in either of them!!)

Next a picture of the three of us with Mia. L-R Kim (holding Mia), Dawn, and me

On Wednesday night, we ventured to Salmon River State Park to meet up with Julie and her family who were here visiting from FL. Julie and I were friends in first grade and can even remember going to each other's houses. She then moved to Voluntown and then FL and came back in our sophomore year of high school when we "met again" and have been friends ever since! She now lives in FL (as do her parents) but her brother Rob still lives up here and we have gotten together before with them (his boys are 8 and 6 so Tucker fits in perfectly!) This gathering was for John's sixth birthday and I was surprised to see Julie's parents here too! I've seen them over the years, unfortunately at funerals, but they had never met Tucker! We had a good time catching up with everyone and Tucker had a blast playing with John, Zack, Jul's kids, and all the others there!

Carl and Madi cook the hot dogs

Rob entertains the boys with a fishing pole

A group shot of Tucker, Jake, Jonathan and Madi (the last time we had a group picture of them, Jake and Tucker were 2 and Jonathan and Madi had to hold them so they wouldn't run away!)

Zach and John got in the picture and it all went crazy!

A picture of me and Julie

The final get-together (of which I don't have pictures) consisted of me and Dawn getting together with Maria from work! Maria and I got to talking one day at lunch back when I first started and it turned out we both grew up in Columbia but she went to a different high school. She told me what year she graduated so I asked if she knew Dawn and it turns out they were best friends through grade school but lost touch once they went to different high schools! Once I knew her name, I remembered her, mostly from girl scouts and it's funny to share all these memories with someone you just 'met'! We met Dawn for dinner and then walked over to Dairy Queen for blizzards and just had a great time laughing and catching up!

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Julie said...

Great pictures!! I'm so glad you guys were able to come on Wednesday!! I hope to get my pictures on my blog in the next day or two.