Sunday, June 14, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

For today, Sunday, June 14, Flag Day

Outside my is just starting to get dark

I am thinking...of the busy week ahead

I am thankful...for a fun day yesterday with Tucker

From my kitchen...Finally getting around to having the chicken in the crock pot tonight...busy week so probably only actually cooking Wed night when we will have pork chops and stuffing-yum!

I am gifts for August...Tucker and I did a flag craft today for Flag Day.

I am wearing...jean shorts and Best Mom shirt

I am reading...finished Amelia Earhart's biography. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that she was a social worker in one of the early settlement houses in New York before she became a pilot! I also whipped through Testimony by Anita Shreve-I usually can't put her books down and this one was no exception! I started Love is Eternal for the Take A Chance Challenge. I didn't end up listening to the end of Peony in Love because I realized that I just didn't care how it ended. Has anyone else ever had that reaction to a book? I was disappointed because I had enjoyed Snowflower and the Secret Fan so much! I'm now listening to The Divide by Nicholas Evans. With Tucker we are reading Charlie and The Chocolate Factory and also read Stars and Stripes: The Story of the American Flag by Sarah Thomson (for Flag Day).

I am sleep good tonight

I am hearing...Million dollar Password on TV, the dehumidifier

Around the house...the patriotic stuff is up-I thought Flag Day seemed appropriate to decorate for the Fourth of, cleaning, cleaning...laundry to be folded and more to be washed.

One of my favorite things...sleeping with the windows open when there is a breeze

A few plans for the rest of the Author's Tea at Tucker's school Tuesday afternoon...home visit on Tues...getting together with a friend from VA and a friend from work Tues night*...Tucker's last day of school party for the tball team on Thurs night...Tucker's sleeping over his friend William's house Fri (before William heads to his dad's in ME for 3 weeks)...last tball game on Sat(!)...going to a co-worker's party Sat afternoon...celebrating Father's Day here at our house with the usual cook-out.

A picture thought...
Tucker and I did a flag craft today for Flag Day!

*Dawn is my friend from VA. She's two years younger and we grew up in the same town but didn't become friends until high school. Maria is my friend from work. She and Dawn were best friends growing up but Maria went to a different high school so they lost touch. I remember Maria from Girl Scouts! Small world, huh?!

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Julie said...

I was just getting on to do my daybook and as usual you had just posted yours 8 minutes before. Say Hi to Dawn for me (or Dawn, if you read this, Hi).