Monday, June 22, 2009

Last Day of School and Pizza Party

Thursday was Tucker's last day of school! Here he receives the Comstock Book award for most improved

A picture of him and his teacher Mrs McAdams. We will definitely miss her!

Our school does a fun activity called Moving Up where the kids get to spend time with their teacher for next year. A few of his friends from his class this year will be in his class as well as two good friends from kindergarten!

We had a pizza party to celebrate a great T-ball season! Thankfully we had it at our town pavilion because it poured!!! Here's Tucker with his trophy

A team picture-all holding their trophies

We played a fun game of Wiffle ball, parents against the kids! Here Michael shows where he's going to hit the ball

Tucker takes a turn at bat

It was a fun season and great group of kids! Tucker will be moving up to the Farm league next year!

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Mari said...

Good times for Tucker! I like the idea of the moving up party. I bet it helps with the anxiety of changing teachers and classes.